Personal Vehicle

Let’s say your business is not big enough to have a fleet of lease vehicles. You can still wrap your personal vehicle for the same effect.

If the thought of turning your personal vehicle into a rolling, four-wheeled billboard advertising your business makes you nervous, fear not. Our talented design team can create the wrap for your personal vehicle that can be as simple as a colour change or an extreme makeover without causing any change to your vehicle’s original paint or finish. A wrap is just as it sounds. It is a durable covering that ‘wraps’ a vehicle. It isn’t a new paint job. It lasts for up to ten years, leaves no trace when removed and is cheaper than a full colour paint job. Plus, it gives you mobile advertising wherever you go and reaches a wider audience as a result. Wraps are eye-catching, cost effective marketing tools for your business or service.

We can custom design the perfect wrap for your personal vehicle that will still permit you to use your car on holidays, errands around town and to or from work with your brand or message right there for everyone to see and remember as soon as it has passed them on the street.