Wall Graphics – Let Your Home Walls Be Highly Gawkable

Wall decals tree

Wall decals  Image source: wallstickery.com

Just the way individuals make a family, walls make-up a house. So never stop reflecting your creativity through your home walls because they communicate with you all the time.

Modern home décor is changing its gears and moving towards wall graphics.

Many people have been relegating wall art to the side lines in the past. Little did they know that they were missing out on an outstanding design opportunity!

If you’re nervous about giving wall art such a prominent role in your design plans, then simply read these wall graphic ideas to give your existing space a harmonious interior.

Wall Graphic Trends and Ideas for Home

Wall decals and stickers have become a hot interior trend. They add a personal touch to your house and are strongly recommended for an invigorating and pleasurable experience.

If your room is feeling unfinished or lacking some much-required texture, or if you have a lot of blank space on your walls, introducing some exciting new wall graphics to your space would simply tie everything together.

Rather than just giving your home a spring cleaning, start considering spring home walls revamping.

Outlined below is a list of wall decal trends and ideas for walls in your home:

Green Theme

Green is the colour of the year. Green in all hues is expected to be seen in homes across the graphic design spectrum. The green colour is a symbolism of liveliness, freshness and richness. It reflects these metaphoric features in wall paints, decals, stickers and graphics.

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Tree & Birds

Vinyl wall decal tree with bird’s wall sticker is here to stay for short-lived rooms such as nurseries and other larger spaces. These types of wall stickers will surely add fun to the room. Bring the greenery of your garden inside the room with tree wall graphics.


You can enjoy the freshness and brightness of sunlight even on rainy days with a landscape photograph wall decal of sun rays. Make your wall a natural artistic canvas.

Typeface Quote

Go for a particular kind of typeface of life quote wall sticker to constantly spur up the essence of emotions and feelings by creating everlasting harmony in your home sweet home.

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Add some depth with ocean-inspired murals. These are modern interior decorating wall decal ideas. Murals in green, blue and purple colours are comforting and soothing. These are especially recommended for the wall décor of your bedroom.

Tropical theme bedroom. Image source: themerooms.blogspot.ca

Jungle Theme

Have you ever been to a jungle? Well, if you haven’t, then be prepared for paying a visit to the forest every day and night. Put up jungle wall mural decals in your living room, so the next time you walk into it, you will experience the denseness of the trees.

Jungle wall mural. Image source: muralsdepot.com

There is no end to the kind of wall graphics you can have for your home. No wonder, today, wall decals are more favourable than prints made from washable paint. Wall graphics is that finishing element that can help pull a space together and make it intact.

If you want to add that little extra touch to your walls to take your space from simply appearing functional to looking as if it should adorn the pages of an interior design magazine, then wall graphics is the ornament your wall should wear.