Wall Decals: Bring Your Room to LIfe

Wall decals offer a personalized, customized option for displaying crisp, professional-looking designs and images. Showcasing more artistry and style than solid colored wall paint and less distracting, repetitive design than traditional wallpaper, wall decals offer a unique alternative that’s versatile enough to make a newly rented residential space feel like home or to bring a commercial space to life with promotional designs and logos. Wall decals boast clean and easy application and removal, making them the perfect, affordable decorating consideration for situations that demand temporary solutions.  

A Flock of Fashion Sheep

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Interior decorating and remodeling television programs have reached an all-time high in popularity. The names of the shows and the phrases they so often employ have become part of our everyday vernacular. The decorators who host these shows have reached celebrity status; their tastes and ideas have become familiar to the masses. Ultimately, all of this popularity points to one thing: a startling lack of originality in most residential and even commercial decor. We face a challenge now, while decorating our homes and trying to achieve the proper balance between fashionable trends and individuality. Your friends don’t appreciate your tastes to quite the same degree when they’ve chosen the exact same accent walls and color schemes for their own rooms. It’s bound to happen, though, when everyone is selecting from the same limited collections and seasonal catalogues. It can seem impossible in such an atmosphere to personalize your personal space. Wall decals offer that individuality. With a wall decal, there is no reliance on the limited variation of wallpaper patterns or paint colors. The potential for specialization and personalization are so great that your guests won’t be able to help but be impressed by your creativity. They’ll be treated to a representation of your individual tastes rather than inadvertently overlooking a passable design you selected from a mainstream, mass produced commercial catalogue.

A Better Look

[slide-anything id=”20324″] Wall decals are only more individualized, though; they’re also simultaneously more dynamic and more tasteful than traditional wall treatment options. A solid paint color on a wall can be beautiful and can look distinguished. It’s a clean, simple, understated style that can suggest class and tradition. However, it can also seem boring. A solid paint colour on a wall can often go unnoticed. Even worse, it can be monotonous in some rooms. Too much solid coloured wall space can sometimes even seem overwhelming. This runs counter to the feeling of comfort one usually wants to inspire in their guests. Traditional patterned wallpapers, on the other hand, can often seem too busy. Even the most beautiful of patterns or images, when repeated multiple times over a continuous space, can begin to lose their appeal. A similar design can be tailored to your individual tastes and arranged in a manner that showcases its artistry without detracting from its intended appeal. Furthermore, a wall decal can be positioned anywhere you like on the wall, allowing you to achieve the maximum desired decorative effect. Perhaps the greatest benefit of the wall decal is the dramatic and expressive touch it can provide to an interior space. Decals can be manipulated or created to include personal or professional images or phrases. Artistic renditions of trees, limbs, and branches can be printed to help display a representation of a family tree. Inspirational or nostalgic phrases can be printed in stylized text to act as a constantly present and comforting reminder.

Clean and Easy to Apply and Remove

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Wall decals are typically made from vinyl. This means that in addition to allowing for more individualized, original, and artistic designs, they also lack virtually all of the mess and complication of traditional paint or pasted paper wall treatments. Wall decals are instead easy to apply and easy to remove, eliminating all of the frustration and potential catastrophe often associated with traditional wall redecoration. The potentially temporary nature of wall decals makes them an ideal means for decorating the bedrooms of babies, toddlers, and children up through high school age. Parents need no longer fear the rapidly changing tastes of their sons and daughters. The little ones may very well grow out of their current interests in dinosaurs or horses within the next year or two, but until then, a wall decal can be a delightful way to satisfy that desire. It’s also easy to turn your college student’s former bedroom into your new study when you can easily pull their favorite sports, school, or band logo decal off of the wall. Changes of professional or personal spaces can be made easier as well when you’ve decorated with wall decals. They offer a safe, viable, effective, and economical decorating option for rented or leased spaces. Professional charts, logos, and designs can be removed from leased retail or office space walls when your business outgrows its current location and is ready to move to a bigger and better professional work space. Similarly, wall decals can make rented residential spaces feel homier without the risk of incurring costs for damages when the spaces are vacated. When that son or daughter does move out of your house and you take their wall decals down to reclaim their bedroom, you can put new ones up in their college dorm to make that space feel a little more like home to them. Nothing makes an unfamiliar space feel a little more comfortable than when you’re surrounded by some familiar designs. Nothing makes the fresh, sterile walls of a new loft apartment feel more like a intimate space than the images that define and represent us personally. Finally, we need to acknowledge the commercial benefits and applications of wall decals. Wall decals are a perfect and economically smart option for advertising corporate campaigns and events, as well as for decorating customer interaction spaces. Logos, events, and advertising campaigns enter and exit our corporate lives, often at unpredictable intervals. Wall decals offer clean, professional signs and designs to inspire your employees and to enamor your customers. When the campaign ends or the signs need to change, the old decals can be removed and replaced by new decals before the work day ends, creating a seamless customer experience and a workplace free from unnecessary redecorating distraction.



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