Wall Decal Ideas for Bathroom

Now, many people argue that the bathroom is a particularly strange place to decorate, least of all with stickers, we will have to disagree and we are hoping that by the end of this article, so will you.

Is it not always a source of comfort that at the end of a draining day, there is a tub of warm water you can soak in when you get home? People with little ones in their house know that a major portion of the time is spent back and forth from the bathroom. And it definitely is the first thing you see when you get up in the morning so why not make the view more pleasant and comfortable, right?

There are many ways to decorate your bathroom, but for now let’s focus on the popular, pocket-friendly method that almost anyone with a pair of hands can do: wall-stickers, also known as decals.

But what are Decals really?

Stickers are extremely popular in all fields all over the world, not only because of their pocket-friendly and cost-effective nature but also because of the constructive manner in which they manage to convey as well as disseminate a message widely.  

Image source: pixabay.com Image source: rowhousenest.com Image source: designbolts.com

You will often see them on the back of people’s cars, on their school bags or notebooks, sometimes even on their digital devices. Stickers, as a form of customization and personalization, play a key role in displaying not only your identity and personality to others but as a form of establishing your aesthetic.  Decals are the most convenient option for decorating your home!   

So we are going to suggest some wall decals to decorate your bathroom.

Marine Wall Decal

What better way to decorate the walls of the most intimate area in the house with some aqua-colored marine animals? Now, this is an amazing idea if you have little ones in the house because kids absolutely love them. Plus, you have to admit that the idea of a cute little array of seahorses over your sink, those giant multi-patterned shells of a tortoise swimming and those elegant spreads of an octopus over your bathtub, does sound pretty appealing, doesn’t it?

Have a look!

Decorate your kid’s bathroom into an interesting one. Image source: xtend-studio.com Tentacles wall decals above freestanding bathtub. Image source: evisu.info mermaid decal in the bathroom. Image source: evisu.info

You may like the sea-life aspect of this for your children or perhaps the fresh and vibrant blue aesthetic for yourself. Either way, both are a great.

Motivational Quotes Decal

Imagine waking up in the morning, dragging yourself to the bathroom with half-shut eyes to brush your teeth, and the first thing you see is a cheery good morning message. Or perhaps you are having one of those days where your t-shirt won’t tuck in right and your fly-aways won’t sit still, and hearing that “PS: you’re perfect” is just what you needed?

Everyone could use a motivational quote every now and then. So why not spread some positivity and put up your favorite quotation on the bathroom mirror, or the empty space above the bathtub? It never hurts to remember how beautiful they are.

Image source: cyclingheroes.info Image source: cyclingheroes.info Image source: cyclingheroes.info

Floral Decal

Floral prints are always trending, whether, with clothes, shoes, bags, stationery, you name it! They are particularly in fashion with interior designing as demonstrated here. Floral prints are not only inherently beautiful but available in a million different colors, shades, textures, and styles. Most of us own some floral print or the other.

So why not get in touch with nature, add that touch of lovely and femininity and put some floral decals in the bathroom, too?  

Minimalist Decal

Maybe you’re not a fan of big-sized prints scattered all over your bathroom wall. Perhaps you are not fond of sea-animals, or any animals at all. You may think motivational quotes are corny, and you do not particularly enjoy the idea of spending time in nature either. Maybe when you step into the bathtub, you do not want to be distracted by bright and vibrant colors or creatures or flowers…you just want to be.

Minimalism refers to art that is not complicated or intricate, often existing in only a few colors. It is characterized by repetitive patterns and designs. If you are into minimalism, then we might have some suggestions for you, too. Take your pick.

Image source:tumblr.com Image source: secondstreet.ru

3D Decal

Who doesn’t love a 3D experience? They are immersive, intense and incite more emotional reaction than the regular pictures. If you happen to be a fan of that, then you are going to love 3D wall decal. Check it out!

Image source: Pinterest Image source: Pinterest

Bubble-Trouble Decal

If you like the idea of putting up inspirational and motivational quotes on the mirror, maybe you would also be open to trying out some calming, minimalist polka-dots around the mirror, or some bubble designs to decorate the walls with

Image source: gutesleben.info Image source: boredpanda.com Image source: ouest-usa.com

Tile Decal

If the walls of your bathroom are partly or wholly made of tiles, then a great way to decorate them with decals and stickers would be as shown above. Buy miniature stickers, and put them on every alternative tile, or with a certain number of repeated gaps. You can also turn this into a fun activity or a game for the kids!

Image source: brightpulse.us Image source: brightpulse.us Image source: brightpulse.us

Picking out the Perfect Decal for You!

With so many options to pick from, it can be especially difficult and can get overwhelming to pick out the right decal for your wall. Don’t worry, we have got you covered on that end too! All you have to do is keep the following instructions in mind, sort of like a checklist or a small questionnaire.

    1. What relaxes you the most? After all, this is not just about what looks good, but also something you would like to see while you are relaxing in a warm bath at the end of the day. Is it a scene of nature like a waterfall, or an array of bubbles, or a bunch of flowers, or the color golden? Take your pick.
    2. What do you like? Is it the children’s bathroom, and if so, then what do they like? What color theme would you choose? If you are picking out a motivational quote, what font will you use? Maybe dolphin is their favorite fish. Maybe your favorite kind of fish is a seahorse, or you just really like the sunflowers. Your kids absolutely love the color blue and you love that dull shade of green? Whatever works for you is just fine! Just keep it all in mind when choosing the decal.
    3. How much area do you want to cover? As demonstrated above, some decals take up a lot of space and are best placed above the bathtub while others, particularly the ones to be placed on tiles do not require a lot of space.
    4. How much money are you willing to spend? This will depend a lot on how much space you are covering.
    5. Remember, you don’t have to pick just one! You can use a minimalist design on one wall, and a big floral one on the wall above the tub at the same time. The best part about decorating your house is that, well, you’re the boss!

One Last Word, though!

Wall decals and wall stickers are conveniently applied to any surface, and it’s recommended that following the instructions for a hassle-free experience.

  1. All of the stickers displayed above will easily cling to just about any smooth surface. You can have them on your bathroom wall, mirrors, glass door, the outer part of your shower, etc.
  2. Your wall stickers should not touch water directly. Make sure your wall stickers do not get into direct contact with water. Prior to applying your decals, the surfaces on which you intend to apply them must be completely dry.