Vehicle Wraps: Make Your Company Part of the City Scape

The warm night air gently delivers the sights and sounds of the city as you step out of the door of the trendy downtown restaurant. A step or two ahead, your client, satisfied from a meal with which they were pleasantly impressed, breathes in the evening air and visually scans the boulevard, taking it all in. You’ve carefully constructed a night of impressions and offered it to them as part of a comprehensive presentation meant to represent the benefits of doing business with your company. The visit has been professional but comfortable, organized but seemingly effortless.

You’ve considered the appeal of your environment, and you’ve made it work in your favour. The energy and the confidence of the downtown scene whisper to your client of professional success. We all want to feel like we’ve made it, and we’ve come to associate the metropolitan atmosphere with that impression. If you’re doing it right, your client feels fortunate to be working with you, not like you’re on a campaign to win them over.

The valet takes your ticket and subtly disappears to retrieve your car. The lights outside the restaurant door chase the shadows of the street away, creating pools of light in which the two of you wait. Pleasantries are exchanged that will eventually lead to the conclusion of the evening. Agreements and pivotal points of conversation are rehashed for clarity and confirmation. A successfully landed joke from earlier in the evening is revisited in that nuanced way that’s humorous without being redundant.

When the valet slides your vehicle up to the curb with practice grace, you both turn to watch it come to a careful stop. At the edge of the pools of light, the company name and logo you so painstakingly considered and designed are illuminated, settling gently in your client’s mind to cap off a night that they’re going to remember each time they think of dealing with your company. This is why you were so careful to choose certain colours, fonts, and lines. This is why the name and motto had to have the right ring. These are the things that matter. And it is your vehicle that’s brought them to the foreground.

The Power of Presence

Design concept for the opening of H&M’s new NYC flagship. Image source:

Presence is an element of advertising that works, and it’s one in which we most often fall short. Your name and logo can’t reach their full potential locked away in your office that spends all but eight hours of

the day darkened. Your brand design is not actively speaking to anyone from the business card tucked away in a wallet in your client’s back pocket or in the purse slung over the back of a chair. The signs on your building, or even the ones that you pay to have put up around town, are speaking to a portion of those who pass by them, but only to those who pass by them. You need something live, something visible, something public, something mobile.

Vehicle wraps transform your vehicle into a dynamic delivery system for presence and for information. As you travel through the city, attending to all of your routine professional and personal affairs, you’re essentially creating temporary advertisements in innumerable locations and from innumerable angles. Your vehicle and the information on it are being taken in by a multitude of people who might not have otherwise seen or noticed it on a stationary roadside sign in another part of town.

Create a Unique Impression

People look at cars. The movement catches our attention. We’ve dubbed them a professional, public status symbol, and we’re always gauging, weighing, and comparing our own status against that of everyone around us. There isa variety in vehicles, but not a completely unlimited range. Most vehicles on the road are the result of mass production; their colour schemes belong to a very limited selection associated with that same make and brand. Deviation from those commonly recognized patterns and combinations ignites something in our brains and compels us to engage in a more active manner. A unique presentation means the difference between being seen and being unseen.

Being seen and being different are not the only factors in achieving an effective and impressive presence, however. There’s an art to appearing attractive and desirable. One must find the proverbial sweet spot between standing out enough to be distinguishable from the crowd while still maintaining the taste and decorum necessary to garner respect and admiration. The proper vehicle wrap achieves this balance, making it a useful tool in effectively delivering and securing the message of your company’s presence in the commercial world.

Eye-Catching Activity

Very eye-catching moving ads. Image source:

Presence also signals activity and dynamism. Whether or not people consciously register passing a wrapped vehicle on the street, if they encounter the same colours, logos, slogans, and designs in different places and at different times in their travels around a city, they are at least subconsciously gaining a sense that the company is active. This is a powerful message. A stationary sign can seem stagnant and forgotten. A moving vehicle is on its way somewhere. It has purpose; it seems productive. There are not many more valuable ideas a company can instill in a potential customer’s mind than “I see them everywhere I go.”

This notion of activity also engages a foundational sales and advertising technique through which potential customers are positively influenced by the idea that their peers are using the same service or product. A stationary sign doesn’t mean that your company has customers; it means that your company is trying to attract customers. Vehicles moving through the city with your company logo on them suggest that, at least a part of the time, they are on their way to conduct business. If your perceived current customers want to do business with you, your potential future customers think they might want to as well. Activity and popularity signal success to your clients, and they don’t differentiate between your success and theirs.

Success in the City

The promise of success is what makes the cityscape seem so appealing to us. It’s suggested in the colours, the lights, the words, the life, the movement, and the activity. Consider your vision of a cityscape, then consider your vision of the countryside. These are the elements in the difference. Solid, lifeless, featureless colour is stable, perhaps even soothing, but it doesn’t offer the promise of life, of activity, and of success. A vehicle wrap brings the life and activity of the city to your vehicle. More than that, it settles your vehicle comfortably within the cityscape itself.

That’s where your clients and your potential clients find it and find your company, nestled in as a fixture of the city scene. That’s what your client sees when your car pulls up outside the restaurant. That’s what potential clients see when they see your vehicle traveling through town while they’re considering how to improve their own corporate images. Commercial vehicle wraps sell permanence; they sell relevance. That all pales in comparison to what they provide, though, and what they provide is presence, a presence that moves through the city, planting its message in the minds of potential clients, a dynamic part of the active panorama.