Creates and Installs Construction Hoarding Banner for Hublot

The Hublot Diamond Rally is quickly approaching (May 5-7, 2017) and Twiisted Media is excited to once again be a part of this incredible luxury and supercar charity event. As previous years, Twiisted Media will proudly be supplying private and corporate decals. But that’s not all, they’ve recently completed a unique project for the event’s title sponsor: the Swiss luxury watch company Hublot.

How did Twiisted Media get involved with Hublot?

The upcoming Diamond Rally sparked the initial contact between the owner of Hublot Vancouver and Twiisted Media. During discussions, it quickly became evident that Twiisted Media not only excelled in custom car wraps and decals but was more than capable of taking on a variety of project types.
With Hublot opening its first freestanding Canadian store this spring (anticipated to open in May 2017) in Vancouver’s retail “Luxury Zone”, timing was perfect for Twiisted Media to get on board.

The project

Hublot was interested in having Twiisted Media work on construction hoarding for its new store. Construction hoarding refers to the temporary protective barrier around a building and is required by law. Not only does it protect pedestrians but it also helps conceal the mess while simultaneously providing a great marketing opportunity. Using hoarding as a base for signage allows a business to reach a diverse audience and create buzz leading up to the store opening.
As you can imagine, this project required a lot of planning and preparation. Twiisted Media was responsible for each stage — graphic design, printing and installation — of creating the eye-catching 34’ high x 25’ wide banner. In addition to designing and printing, there was a lot of work that happened behind the scenes. This included choosing the appropriate material, framing, installing and acquiring parking permits for the required machinery.

Choosing a Material

Creating a large banner that can withstand outdoor conditions and maintain a crisp, clean appearance meant the team at Twiisted Media needed to carefully consider what material they would use. To stay flat, the banner needed to be able to withstand a lot of tension from the four sides being tightly stretched. With these factors in mind, the finished product was printed on a 15-oz. vinyl banner. The weight of a vinyl banner is often measured in ounces, based on one square yard of material, with a larger number representing a heavier material. So, in this case, one square yard weighs 15 oz. – heavy enough to withstand the conditions and tension.
Hublot Hoarding Design & Planning

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