Twiisted Media Climbs The Wall At 365 Fundays

What do you do when you are the largest indoor theme park in the region and you need something to help make your special event stand out? In the case of Vancouver’s 365 Fundays they turned to the innovative and creative minds at Twiisted Media to come up with something that not only grabbed attention, it had a simple and dynamic message as well.

The project turned into an 18 foot by 15 foot outdoor wall wrap – one of the largest exterior installations for the Vancouver design, print and wrap marketing firm. So big that it required a great deal of planning after the wrap was completed. Installation preparations included the need for a boom lift to allow for the giant poster-like wrap to be mounted on an exterior wall.

Designed, Printed and Installed By Twiisted Media

The giant ‘Jungle Fun’ wall wrap was designed and printed at Twiisted Media. It was delivered in five complete long, vertical pieces that joined together much like a jigsaw puzzle. Once the outdoor wall near the entrance to 365 Fundays was properly prepped, the installation began. After the first panel was up and level, the remaining four panels were easy to install.

When the job was complete, a larger than life reminder that 365 Days of Jungle Fun was scheduled inside. While this may sound as if it was a simple job to pull off, there was far more to it than meets the eye. What you see is an incredible wall wrap featuring six different hide patterns spelling out the word ‘Jungle’ including zebra, leopard, tiger and giraffe.

Taking The Jungle Message And Making It Roar

The design team at Twiisted Media wanted the ‘Jungle Fun’ message to not only stand out, as only an 18 x 15 wall mounted sign can do, but they wanted it to be much more. By choosing different wild animal hide patterns for the letters spelling the word ‘jungle’ the message took on a whole new kind of personality. The visual says ‘wild kingdom’ even if you don’t read it.

It is this kind of powerful marketing strategy that Twiisted Media has become known for. They create larger than life messages in larger than life installations. Plus, at Twiisted Media, they took on the entire job from the creation of the artwork to the large scale printing. Then, they completed the task with the actual installation of the oversize jungle print wall wrap.

This Was A Case Where Size Did Matter

Essentially, Twiisted Media went to the wall with this one. When you consider the sheer size of 365 Fundays, which is a 25,520 square foot indoor family entertainment centre, there was no denying that in order for this wall wrap to work it had to be massive. Considering large print posters are one of the many products available at Twiisted Media, it came together quickly.

So what exactly is the message? Jungle Fun is a reference to the theme inside 365 Fundays. The actual indoor theme park has a tropical island/Amazon forest motif. Sprinkled throughout the massive layout are several bouncy castles, party rooms that have been carefully designed. There are also many other attractions that were built for family fun and special occasions.


Using A Big Space To Sell ASmall Message

The concept behind the outdoor wall wrap was to use a large space to get across the simple message of what you could expect in the much larger indoor space. This became the two word message of ‘Jungle Fun’ that was printed on a large scale to be mounted on an even larger exterior wall announcing the message loud and clear. A simple message made larger than life.

Because, in the jungle, it isn’t always the biggest message you hear. But when it’s the loudest one, it gets your attention. Twiisted Media embraced the concept and gave the message their own little twist that turned it into a marketing tool that can’t be ignored. Imagine what they can do if they got their hands on your business marketing program and gave it their special treatment?

Twiisted Media Has The Tools To Get You Noticed

Not every advertising or marketing message requires a wall wrap. Sometimes it needs something a little more subtle…like a car wrap. Or maybe you have a need for something else like a design project or some other method to get your message in front of those people you want to convert into customers. Twiisted Media has a complete line of products to help you get some attention.

We are headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. We have a showroom of products you can visit and explore in Burnaby. If you know that you need to jump outside of the box to get your product or business some much-needed interest, we can help. Contact us today at Twiisted Media and we’ll take your message and give it a twist to make it stand out.