Trade Show Booth Design Ideas


When you are promoting your products or services, one of the most effective ways of reaching potential customers is by participating in a trade show. Trade shows provide a high volume of visitors walking past your display allowing you a great opportunity to introduce new and innovative items to a lot of people in a short period of time. However, since you are thinking the same thing as hundreds of other vendors, what can you do to stand out from the rest?

Here are some creative, new and fresh ideas that may make your booth one of the more memorable ones during a day long, weekend long or week long trade show event.

1 – Heavy Metal

We’re not talking music but material here. A recent trend to display areas heavy on metal surfaces has caught the eye of many designers. This means the futuristic feel and shine that comes from flashy metal tabletops, chairs and any other surface that is visible in your trade show booth will be eye catching. Eye catching translates into memorable. Besides, metal is cool.

2 – Go Green

Nothing says you care about the environment louder than using green products in your trade show booth design. With ongoing interest in renewable resources and repurposing of existing products, visitors to your exhibit will notice and take note of the recycled products or eco-friendly materials used. Even if you have to point it out with a small sign somewhere announcing “we use only eco-friendly products in our display booths.”

3 – Down To Dirt

Another design option that will score you or your company extra points with the all-natural crowd is to get your feet a little dirty. This means using what our ancestors did long before mass production of manufactured products came around. By using rough-cut wood and organic, natural materials your display will appear comforting and inviting. It also says you care a lot about the world around you.

4 – Making Connections

A technological twist on a typical trade show exhibit is to embrace the technology that exists and turn it into a magnet to attract people. This can mean a wifi hotspot at your booth, live streaming, social media updating and a whole list of ways to connect with the masses wandering around in the neighbourhood with smartphones looking for something to do. It will not only promote the actual trade show event, it will put your product or service at top billing with anyone receiving your messages.

5 – Large Advertising Signs

Nothing says “look at me!” more than a giant sized sign on a wall. In fact, media walls are becoming a very attractive means of getting across a message without a lot of effort. These media walls come in various designs, sizes and can include back lighting and more. Imagine your logo on a 10-foot by 20-foot fabric frame wall. It will be visible from a distance and will be remembered long after the event.

Media Wall Printing


Getting Trendy Does Help

Think of your trade show booth as a form of advertising. If you have used any other form of media to promote your products or service you know that in order to be successful in your marketing goals, your advertising needs to be different to be noticed. Following a fresh new trend with trade shows is the same. The booths that stand out will be remembered and this is when being trendy is a good idea.