Top Storefront Display Decal Ideas

If you are a business owner, then there is no doubt that you are aware of the importance of creating a storefront that entices customers to come through the door. Sure, a brand name can go a long way, but there are ways to enhance your image even further. One of the best ways to draw in prospective customers is by using creative storefront decal concepts. But how do you make a storefront display decal that stands out among the rest? Well, you’re in luck, because here are some of the top and trendiest storefront design decal tips that are sure to help take your business to new heights.

Gold and Metallic Lettering

Gold Lettering Will Add a Look of Elegance to Your Display.
Image Source: Wikimedia

One of the hottest trends in storefront display decals is the use of gold and metallic lettering. By using metallic lettering, you will add an element of elegance, and this can be especially helpful for certain types of businesses, such as jewelry stores, antique shops, and gold depots. One important thing to take into consideration when using metallic lettering is to keep is simple.

It is not necessary to go overboard with additional design features, as they could draw away attention from the lettering itself. A metallic display design that is trending right now is the use of lettering that appears to have a 3-dimensional look to it. When opting for a 3D decal, it is best to put it on clear glass. This technique will help it to stand out against items that are set up behind the glass.

Oversized Decals

There is no denying that under certain circumstances oversized display decals can be a bit overwhelming, giving off the impression that you are trying too hard to get attention. However, oversized decals fit well on storefronts that themselves take up a large amount of space. For instance, if your business has more than one level, such as a two or three story building, then an oversized decal might fit in well by taking up space that would otherwise be left blank.

Similar to metallic decals, oversized decals look best when a simple letter design is used, or a logo that does not contain too many elements. If the logo has a color-filled background, then the decal may end up blocking natural sunlight from entering, while at the same preventing customers from looking out onto the streets below.

Oversized decals also tend to work better in large metropolitan areas, where skyscrapers fill the landscape. A perfect example of such an area would be Time Square in New York City, where a huge storefront decal would be needed to be noticed among all the glimmering lights and billboards.

Give it a Simply Sophisticated Look

Simple Designs can Make for a Sophisticated Look.
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Sophistication can be a key element for certain types of companies, and to ensure this is the case, a storefront decal with a classy design should be used. Some of the top examples of businesses that should consider sophisticated decals would be law firms, accounting services, and high-end jewelry dealers.

So, what does a “sophisticated” decal entail? For starters, the display decal needs to have a crisp and neat design while retaining a simplistic style. In this case, metallic lettering may be desirable, so long as the elements are not too reflective, but instead have a more subdued metallic appearance.

You may also want to consider variations in the alignment of the lettering. Try putting the name of the business in an arching style, while adding the description of your services in a linear style beneath the arch. For instance, if you own a bankruptcy law firm, then you will want to have the name of the company, let’s say “Bennette and Bennette”, styled in an arch design, while placing “Bankruptcy Lawyers” in a straight line below the arch.

Make it Stunningly Colorful

While, for certain businesses, it may be best to keep things simple when it comes to storefront display decals, for others it is not. Depending on the personality and atmosphere of the business, it may be wise to have a display decal that is colorful and vibrant. One of the top examples of such a business would be a toy store, where the idea is to try and grab the attention of young children. To accomplish this, you may want to design a large, colorful decal using color theory techniques, that shows an array of the different toys that are being offered for sale.

Another attention-grabbing idea would be to put popular characters, such as those from Disney or Marvel Comics, on the display. In addition to showing toys on the decal, you will want to use large, bold letters for added effect. Phrases like “We Have It All!”, or “Featuring the New Line of Marvel Comics”, could really increase traffic flow. And don’t just print the phrases in plain text, but instead, use a variety of different font colors.

Hours of Operation, No Soliciting, and More…

Using Display Decals to Show “Hours of Operation” enhances the Appearance of the Business.
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There is no doubt that storefront display decals are a perfect way to showcase your company’s name or a description of your services, but they are also useful for more standard applications. For instance, decals are a far more desirable solution for listing “hours of operation” than merely printing them on a piece of paper and taping them to the front door. Not only this, but decals give you the opportunity to customize the way the store hours are displayed, such as by adding a creative border. Of course, “hours of operation” are not the only standardized facet that decals can be used for. You may also want to showcase amenities that your business offers, like handicap accessible services or public restrooms.

On the other end of the spectrum, decals can be used as a polite, and less tacky means of showing things that you do not allow. If your business does not take kindly to solicitors, or if you do not offer public bathrooms, then placing small, but noticeable “no soliciting” or “no public restrooms” decals on the entrance way can help prevent unwanted traffic, and it is much more professional in appearance than scribbling it on a piece of paper and placing it in the window.

Promotional and Sales Events

You have probably seen banners or signs hanging in the front windows of stores, announcing sales events or promotions. And while these methods are sufficient, using decals for such promotions can be very effective in attracting visitors, especially for long-running or permanent promotions. For example, if your business offers 50% off on all holiday items during the month of December, then you should consider placing a decal on the storefront announcing the sale.

What’s more, you could customize the decal by adding colors, such as green and red, to match the colors that are trending around holiday time. Additionally, if discounts to veterans or seniors are offered, placing small, but noticeable decals on the storefront window or entranceway is a great way to attract the attention of these potential customers, without detracting from the overall appearance of the storefront.

Storefront Display Decals Can Elevate Your Business

As we have seen, there are numerous ways that storefront display decals can be used to enhance your business and bring in more customers. When you are thinking of ways to showcase your business, make sure to consider the type of display that will best represent your brand while separating it from other similar venues.

If you own a business that sells high-end jewelry or offers quality antiques, then you may want to use gold and metallic storefront lettering as a way of symbolizing the high-quality products that are being offered. To take this concept to new heights, consider giving the letters in the decal a 3-dimensional appearance, as this is sure to generate added attention.

Depending on the size and location of the business, using oversized decals may be in your best interest, especially if you are trying to compete with large, glimmering billboards and neon lights. If the store is located in an area where skyscrapers are the norm, or it has multi-levels, then you will certainly want to use a decal that spans the face of the structure.

Of course, metallic elements and oversized decals have their place, but sometimes a simple, sophisticated decal works best. If you own a small business, such as a family law firm or an accounting service, then logos and letters that are small in size may be the way to go. After all, customers looking for these types of services are not seeking glitz and glamour, instead, they want professionalism above all else.

Perhaps the best place to go overboard with colors and graphics in a storefront display is for businesses that cater towards children. Children love bright colors and graphics featuring their favorite cartoon or comic book characters, and these items should be placed within the display. Not only this, but a colorful font is a must, whether it be the name of the business or for promotional content.

And while storefront display decals are perfect for getting your brand name in front of passersby, they also serve more functional purposes. If you are looking for a less tacky way of displaying the “hours of operation” or you need to let customers know that you are handicap accessible or do not allow soliciting, then placing small decals on the entrance way to the business is an efficient means of getting the point across.

The advantages of using storefront display decals range far and wide, and they can be used for nearly every business, large or small. If you have a storefront that is lacking in appeal, then you will definitely want to consider using decals as a way of elevating the status of the business, while increasing your customer base.