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Top 6 Commercial Car Wrap Ideas to Get Your Business Noticed

Car wraps have become an extremely popular way of giving vehicles a unique look. And while car wraps are heavily used for personal vehicles, they are becoming increasingly prevalent for commercial business purposes. With a commercial car wrap, companies can bring their advertising efforts to new levels at a relatively low cost. Not to mention, vehicle wraps are real eye-catchers, so there is no doubt that they will garner added attention. So, how do you know which design concepts you should consider? Well, it will depend on the type of business and vehicle, but there are some general ideas to keep in mind. Here are the top 6 commercial car wrap ideas to get your business noticed.

Create an Illusion

Creating an Illusion is Great for Getting Attention. Image Source: Venom Theme-Car-Wrap

One of the most unique ideas when using a car wrap for a commercial enterprise is by creating an illusion with the design. While this concept may not be useful for every business, for certain companies, such as moving companies it can be an effective advertising tool. For example, if you own a fleet of moving trucks, you can design a wrap that creates the illusion that the rear of the moving truck is open, exposing stacks of boxes, furniture, and other household items. With a car wrap such as this, you will be able to show how many items can be stored within the truck, but even more, it is a great attention grabber. Another example of creating an illusion with a car decal could be for an insurance business or car repair company. You can use a cleverly designed wrap that gives the appearance that the vehicle has been damaged or smashed up, even when it is in perfect condition. In this case, you could place some text near the falsely damaged area, with a statement like “Been in a car accident? At Hanson’s Auto repair, we fix all makes and models”.

Use Limited Text

A major mistake that many businesses make when using commercial car wraps is going overboard with text. Of course, text is necessary in order to display the business name, contact information, and, perhaps, a list of services, however, too much additional text can detract from the overall design, making for a cluttered look. It is important to keep in mind that the vehicle may be moving along at high speeds, so there will only be a short window for passersby to read the information on the side of the vehicle. For instance, if you own a home repair business, you may want to list some of your primary services on the side panel of the vehicle, but listing every single service may be too much. In this case, you want to stick to 5 or 6 services, so that they can be read easily.

Wrapping the Windows

Wrapping the Windows Makes for a More Cohesive Look.

WASHINGTON — A new bus design scheme was unveiled at the Pentagon on Feb. 19. The new graphic design on the buses reflects the mission of the Air Force and demonstrates the diversity of careers in today’s Air Force. There are a total of 10 buses in this test program. Four will operate from Bolling Air Force Base, D.C., and the other six will be at Randolph AFB, Texas; the U.S. Air Force Academy, Colo.; and Nellis AFB, Nev. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Gary R. Coppage)Not only do car wraps work well on the exterior of the vehicle, they can also be applied to the side and rear windows. By ensuring that the windows are covered, you can create a more cohesive look, so there are no blank areas on the vehicle. Window decals may not be optimal for all businesses, as they can make it more difficult to see through the windows, but for the most part, they are beneficial. In fact, wraps that cover windows can be a great way of concealing items that are being stored in the vehicle. For vehicles that have multiple side windows, such as buses, commercial wraps can be particularly useful. For instance, if you own a tour bus service, you could design decals for each window that make the bus look as though it is packed with riders. This could be accomplished by using silhouettes or shadows in the shape of people. If it’s a party bus, these silhouettes could be dancing and having fun.

Use Brand Colors

It may go without saying, but brand colors are critical when designing a commercial car wrap. Using a color scheme that is not in line with your brand can confuse potential customers and it can make it look as if there was a lack of effort put into the development of the wrap. If the primary colors of your brand are blue and orange, then it would be wise to make sure that main colors of the commercial car wrap are also blue and orange. One of the only exceptions would be if the color of the vehicle itself matches your brand color. For example, if you have a brand that is based around the color white and you are wrapping a white vehicle, then you can use its natural color along with the other colors that are being implemented. This also works well when using a business logo instead of a full car wrap. By applying the logo to the natural color of the vehicle, you can save a bit of money.

Vibrant Colors are Eye-Catching

As mentioned, brand colors should always be used when they are an integral part of the business. However, if your company does not have specified brand colors, then you should consider using vibrant colors. This is especially true if your product line is based on fun concepts or products, like that of an ice cream shop or toy store. If you are promoting an ice cream shop, you may want to present all the available flavors of ice cream on the side of the vehicle using a colorful wrap. After all, when you are trying to appeal to young children, bright and bold colors can be very attractive.

Make the Car Wrap Represent the Product

Make the Wrap Display Your Product.
Image Source: TwiistedMedia

Similar to the concept of creating an illusion, using a commercial car wrap to transform the vehicle into the product that you are promoting can help gain attention. This technique is perfect for box trucks or semi-trucks. For example, if your product is a candy bar, then you could make the semi-truck trailer look like a giant-sized candy bar. This will go a long way in displaying the product, while also putting a smile on passersby. In line with this, you can also transform a box truck into a supersized product. If you own an air conditioner repair business, then you could design a vehicle wrap that will make the truck look like a giant air conditioner. Not only is this an attention-grabbing ploy, but there will still be plenty of room to advertise the name of the company and list the services that you provide.

Let Commercial Car Wraps Increase Your Business Exposure

It is no secret that vehicle car wraps are primarily used for vanity purposes, but this is not the case with commercial vehicles. When it comes to commercial vehicle car wraps, the main purpose is to gain exposure and increase your customer base. It is for this reason that different techniques need to be applied when designing and implementing commercial vehicle wraps. Perhaps the most creative use of commercial car wraps is to create an illusion using the vehicle as a medium. For certain businesses, like car repair or car insurance companies, creating a decal that makes the vehicle appear to be damaged can be a perfect way to promote your services. This type of visual aid can go a long way in drawing in new customers. When designing a car wrap, it is best to limit the amount of text that will appear on the vehicle as it can make it look cluttered and it will be more difficult for people to read all of the text, especially if the vehicle is passing by at a high rate of speed. One often overlooked aspect of vehicle wraps is in regard to the windows of the vehicle. While wraps may hinder the view from the interior of the vehicle, they can help to conceal items stored inside the car. In addition, window wraps are great for large vehicles like buses, where there are multiple windows. If you are wrapping a party or tour bus, consider using silhouettes to represent riders on the bus. It is also very important to use your brand’s colors when designing the wrap so that potential customers can become familiar with the brand. In fact, if the exterior of the vehicle is the primary color of your brand, you may only need to wrap certain portions of the vehicle, relying on the vehicles natural color as the base color. Vibrant colors may not always be necessary, but for certain wraps, such as those that are tailored toward children, they can be very useful. With businesses such as these, try using an array of bright colors and bold font styles for more appeal. Lastly, you should consider using the commercial car wrap to represent your product, if possible. By turning your vehicle into an extra-large version of a specific item, you will lure in potential customers, while at the same time putting a smile on their face. After all, who wouldn’t want to see a semi-truck trailer that looks like a giant candy bar? There is a limitless number of concepts that can be applied when using a commercial vehicle car wrap. When properly used, wraps can significantly raise brand awareness and increase advertising exposure. If you own a business and you are considering wrapping your vehicle, keep these top 6 commercial car wrap ideas in mind.