Vehicle Sneeze Guard Acrylic shields For Uber, Lyft, Taxi Drivers

Acrylic Sheet: $139.99/set
Polycarbonate Sheets $179/set

Vehicle shields are Universal Fitment.
We include a connection piece in the middle to prevent any gaps.

The material. Shatterproof solution for vehicles
Our custom vehicle shield barriers are made of a special material that will not break upon impact. This material is called polycarbonate.

We use polycarbonate sheets to custom cut the vehicle shields. We then use a special bending machine to conform the polycarbonate sheets to the interiors of vehicles.

Each set includes a left/right side, and each side is approx 24″x24″.

Since the kits are universal fitment, we include a FREE plastic connection piece in the middle in case there any gaps for larger vehicles, fitment for sedan, SUV and trucks.

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Which Sneeze Guards is right for me?

Metal Stands


Brackets Clamp

hanging Shields

best value

floor stands

Pre-Made Sneeze Guard



Portable Plexiglass Shield

Offices table Plexiglass Shield

Perfect for which industries

-ride share programs

Uber drivers

Lyft drivers


Chauffeur services

Automotive services

Vehicle Sneeze Guards Acrylic Shields, Glass Barrier, Plexiglass Barrier are a transparent shield that offers protection to both drivers and Passengers in the fight to flatten the curve.

One industry in particular which has to deal with customers in a very tight enclosed space is ride sharing, taxi services. With our protective sneeze guard shields for vehicles, it is universal and will fit in cars easily with no extra tools. Drivers of essential ride share operations are important to the economy as they help people move from one location to another.

Some News about the Use of  Sneeze Guards in Canada
Here is a compilation of news articles involving the installation of protective barriers and shields to mitigate the spread of Covid-19:

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Sneeze Guards FAQs

Most frequently asked questions and answers

Why do I need a sneeze guard for my vehicle?

With most retail businesses, they are usually in a larger area and they can force physical distancing. However, inside a vehicle, it is more of an enclosed space. By using our sneeze guards for cars, it helps to protect the drivers from the spread of potential bacteria.

Is there a bulk order discount available for taxis and ride share programs?

Yes, there is a bulk discount available for acrylic barriers for cars. We understand that in the ride share, limousine and taxi industry there is usually a fleet of vehicles at any one time on the road. As such, in order to fully protect the drivers of these vehicles, we are offering a group discount rate in order to get as many of these acrylic shields for cars to be operational.

Are your sneeze guard made locally?

Yes, we take pride in having our products designed and assembled in our Richmond Headquarters. We were able to transition our local supply chain to source all the necessary materials to build these acrylic shields quickly and efficiently while providing the necessary protection from droplets.

Will the sneeze guards fit my vehicle?

We have designed the sneeze guards to fit inside the majority of taxis and ride share vehicles. We offer adjustment holes that will fit most vehicles. Our product is universal and can easily be adapted to fit behind the seats. We provide all the necessary attachments in order to secure it to your vehicle. There are no additional tools required to install.

Which material is used for your sneeze guard acrylic shield for cars and ride share programs? 

We use a flexible acrylic material that will fit the contours of your vehicle easily. The material is flexible enough to be secured easily, but rigid enough that it will stay upright and secure once placed. The material is also very easy to clean with soap/water.

Will adding an acrylic shield to my vehicle cause distractions? 

Our acrylic shields are 100% transparent and optically clear so that it will not impair your vision in any way. These shields will look almost invisible once applied to the interior of your car. An added benefit is you’re able to apply stickers directly on the surface to instruct customers on company policies and trip rates.

How easy is it to install this product? 

For drivers of ride share programs, taxis, limousines and tour guides, our product can easily fit into your vehicle. You only need to use our provided straps to attach it to headrests. It fills the entire back area behind the seat and will offer immediate coverage.

Do you offer pickup or delivery options?

Pickup orders at our Richmond location are always free. For your convenience, we also offer shipping within the lower mainland for $40-$60 depending on the shield size. Whether you’re located in Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, New Westminster, Surrey, White Rock in British Columbia, Canada – we will have a solution for you.

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2895 Simpson Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada V6X 2R2

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