Showcase Your Brand With an LED Display

Are you ready to light things up? Twiisted Media is here to help. LED technology continues to expand the options available when it comes to lighting and design for your business or home environment. You’ve seen the stunning effects these lights have when incorporated into car designs, now it’s time to bring that same effect inside. From nightclubs to wedding reception halls, LED lighting can bring a magical touch to any room. These LEDs aren’t your holiday twinkle lights!

Cutting Edge Technology at Your Command

By combining fabric prints, molds, and LED light we can create a unique design for your business that delivers a one of a kind visual experience. Starting with a custom-designed image, our technicians then embed bright and colorful LED lights into the display. The result is an enchanting visual effect guaranteed to draw attention.

Making Your Message Stand Out

LED lights offer an energy efficient way to add color and excitement to your wall displays. Economical, convenient, reliable, and multifaceted, an LED wall display will light up your room and ignite your guests’ interest. Your colors, your style, and our lights and design make a winning combination for your interior.

We can help you create a permanent wall display or bring a visual pop to your next social event. LED display walls are an excellent way to stand out at conventions and trade shows. Our LED designs can help you highlight a special image or message at your business or event.

Want to take it outside? A portable LED light display wall can make your next outdoor event truly memorable.

Vibrant and Versatile

LED lighting is a cool and versatile alternative to traditional lighting. Energy efficient and colorful, LED lighting can illuminate your message in a spectacular way.

With an LED Light Display Wall you can:

  • Express your business’s creativity
  • Highlight a new product or feature
  • Set the mood of your environment
  • Grab the attention of today’s busy audience
  • Offer a magical visual experience
  • Engage your customers with light, depth, and motion
  • Harness cutting-edge technology for your brand message
  • Light ways and stir excitement


Creative Content and Spectacular Delivery

With years of experience, Twiisted Media’s design team is skilled at videography, graphic design, brand development, and content creation. We work with you to create a singular message that is yours alone. LED light display walls can be used for static displays or to create the illusion of movement or depth in your room. Twiisted Media designs with LED display technology will take your business or event to the next level.

Beyond Just Walls

Why stop with your walls? LED light technology is an excellent way to light floors, walkways, furnishings, stairs, and ceilings. Use LED lighting to frame product images at your business or highlight a favorite piece of artwork in your home. LED lights can cover your ceiling with stars or an undulating river of light. Subtle LED lighting can help guide visitors through darkened rooms while maintaining an intimate feel. Bright lights can convey your brand’s energy and style. Design a custom lighting element for your home, or create a cozy glow in your fireplace year round. Light up a sculpture or create one with light.


We’re Ready When You Are

Whether a full wall display, room-to-room and floor-to-ceiling panels, posters, or outdoor displays, Twiisted Media can show you how to make the most of your LED options.

Are you ready to get noticed?


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