Show Your Love to Your Kids with the Coolest Wall Decals Ever


As soon as you are introduced to parenthood, everything around you changes! You immediately grow up a little. When you know you are soon going to have someone to love, protect, play with, provide for, and cuddle with, all you need is to start with nesting.

Every parent wants to protect their innocent one from the world and create the coziest place for him. Isn’t it? Preparing a place for this little treasure is the loveliest thing to do on earth.

Create an Appropriate Environment in Your Home!

With so many choices in terms of wall decals for your kid’s nursery, it is often hard to choose. To help you get started, we have included simple wall graphic ideas for creating children’s rooms that are enjoyable, engaging and comforting. Best of all, you don’t have to be an expert or spend a lot of money to implement these wall decal ideas.

Embrace these modern decorating ideas to have your young one jumping for joy.

Let’s get started!

Covering a lot of space

How about a cheery apple print wall graphic? Well, it will work great for a gender-neutral nursery! It is your best bet to cover a lot of space in one go! Stick it on and when your little camper outgrows it, peel it off the wall without any fuss!

Play with furniture

With wall decals, you can give a custom look to the furniture of your child’s bedroom. It’s no harm to keep your walls plain if you stick wall graphics to your newborn’s chest of drawers, wardrobe and doors. Say yes to kid-friendly furniture!

See how owl and the tree blend in with the bed & chair. Image Source:blue scholars

Let your Kid Imagine his own Story

Focus on the front wall of your child’s crib! You can use wall decals for creating a scene. Whether you create a forest scene, a night sky scene, farm scene or a garden scene, your baby is going to enjoy it. Let him/her climb trees, play with birds and squirrels, touch the stars and pluck the flowers, all in his/her crib. Let your toddler enjoy the scene and cook up his own story.

Image Source:blue scholars

Fake a Wallpaper Effect

You may repeat the same decal over and over in a pattern to fake a wallpaper effect across a broad surface. These can be umbrellas, stars, flowers, baby bow, birds, or anything creative. Go ahead, choose pretty wall graphics, and show some creativity to your kids on those plain walls!

Baby’s Bathroom Fun Never Ends

Some babies hate a shower while others love it! With interesting sea-life wall stickers in your bathroom, your kids will love to have a bath! Wall decals from Twiisted Media are safe for bathroom use and stick readily to tubs, tiles and even mirrors. Don’t worry! The water will not take the gloss off these graphics.

There could be some real fun to kids , for having wall decals in the bathroom.

Cutest Color Decals For Your Baby

We base our color choices on our favorites and, while that’s fine, color selection is not a simple process. Coordinating and contrasting with the existing wall and furniture colors in your darling’s room is important. It’s best to use wall decals with colors such as blue, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple and white to give a lively effect on the child’s mind. Choose what’s best for your baby!

Chalkboard wall decals

As your toddler grows up, it’s time to welcome chalkboard wall decals with a choice of colors, sizes and shapes. This is one of the newest innovations of the ongoing sticker trend. Let your kid write notes, make lists, play games or draw pictures, the possibilities are endless with chalkboard wall decals.

Shop kids wall decals for a cute baby nursery or kid’s bedroom with Twiisted Media.