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Wall Graphics​ FAQs

Most frequently asked questions and answers of Vinyl Wall Wrap

What is wall Graphics / Wraps?

Wallpaper, wall decals, wall stickers, or wall graphics is an easy to use material that helps to personalize a space, reflect company branding or to inspire creativity. Wallpaper can be custom printed with any design, color or picture. We can custom measure and print to fit your specific location.

Is printing Wall Graphics harmful for indoor use?

The material we use is eco friendly and does not contain any harmful chemicals. The material is printed on our HP Latex wide format printer. The ink is odorless and the water-based latex ink is non flammable. 



Is Wall Graphics easy to maintain?

After printing, the inks dry instantly and will not rub off when cleaning. To protect it further, we offer the option to add lamination to the prints to ensure the print lasts for a longer time and will not fade with UV lighting. The benefit of this is that the colors will stay vibrant for a long time and the lamination layer makes it easier to clean.

What type of finishing is available?

For wall vinyl material, you have a choice of gloss or matte. Most of our customers find that the matte finish is better suited for their location as there is no reflection. We also offer lamination options as well. Our most popular choice is to go with a matte lamination layer, but we also offer textured and canvas style laminates depending on your usage.

Do I need permits or permission to place the graphics?

As hoarding graphics at malls or retail locations is temporary, you will be allowed to install it. However, you should check with your landlord about specific requirements they may have in regards to content they allow and installation times.

How long will Vinyl Wall Graphics last?

We have a temporary and permanent solution for wallpapers depending on your usage. For our long term vinyl materials, it’s rated to last 7-10 years by the manufacturer.


Will adding more color affect costs?

Adding more color or having one solid color will not affect your costs. You can pick a graphic to be as vibrant as you’d like.

Can I install the Vinyl Wall Graphics myself? 

It’s possible to install it yourself, but we recommend using an experienced and certified installer to ensure that your product will last for a long time. We provide instructions if you want to attempt to install it yourself.


What is the print process of Vinyl Wall Graphics? 

We specialize in large format printing to create these graphics. We can print directly onto vinyl or aluminum panels. There is also an option to add a lamination layer on top. The standard choice is with a matte or gloss finish. In higher traffic areas where there is the potential for vandalism, we also offer anti-graffiti laminate.


Is the Wall Graphics for interior or exterior use?

We have materials that can work with both indoor and exterior usage. Our technician will review the requirements for your location and discuss with you the appropriate material for your application.

Where are you located?

Visit our location at:
2895 Simpson Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada V6X 2R2

How to get start ?

Yes, we have a multitude of materials that can work with various wall surfaces including drywall, cements, textured, wood, brick, ceramic, etc. We can provide a site visit to recommend the material that would work best.

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