Vinyl Banners

scrim banner and mesh banner

Strong and cost effective material to use for displays.

Sizes: Custom Sizes available up to 10ft 

Materials: Mesh vinyl banner

Sides:  Double side/ single Side
Finishing: Tape hemming, grommets, pockets

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This item may take some time to prepare.
Contact the shop to find out when it will be ready for dispatch.

Our 13oz Scrim Vinyl banner is exceptional for promoting or announcing an event or business.
Make your storefront or event booth stand out! The possibilities are endless.
They are great as an indoor and outdoor vinyl banner as they are high-quality, durable and they’re waterproof too.
This versatile material can be used in many different locations and it comes in various sizes and weights. 

Similar in idea to a mesh banner, it is cost effective and can be applied easily via zip ties.
The difference is this material is solid and does not have any holes in it to allow air to pass.
The advantage is this type of material can show off sharper details in the print.

*We suggest you keep any important text and/or artwork 2 inches inward from the edge of your artwork as to avoid any elements being cut off and/or hemmed over.

Available Turnaround:
2-4 Business Days / Next Business Day

*some product options may affect the turnaround times