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Send a Special Holiday Greeting with Custom Cards and Stationary

On either side of the mistletoe, the greeting cards received this year will line the threshold of your home’s most used doorways. They’ll stand vibrant and proud on your mantle and decorate the surface of your refrigerator, which will itself hold a wealth of holiday goodness. Holiday letters will lay opened on personal desks, offering up a warm recap of the year’s events for family and friends. Outside our homes, beyond the frosty panes of our windows, city streets are lined with municipal wreaths and glittering lights. Public skating rinks host chuckling groups of skaters, who twirl and glide in front of massive town square trees. Among it all, the postal workers bustle nobly from doorway to doorway, completing the scenes reflected on the thousands of holiday cards and letters they carry.


Holiday cards have a long cultural history, originating in the United Kingdom 175 years ago. The brainchild of a civil servant who was looking for a way to make the public records office more relevant to ordinary people, it was the inclusion of the festive art on the front of the cards that seemed to appeal most to both senders and recipients.

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The design of the very first card portrayed a holiday family dinner gathering that covered two of the three panels that comprised the card. There were less than a thousand of that original card ever printed, and today they are worth thousands of dollars. Over the next twenty to thirty years, the popularity of Christmas cards exploded, and as printing methods and postal costs improved, they became available to a greater number people. It was not long, however, before people began to realize the general nature of mass printed holiday cards. While the sentiments contained inside were obviously of a personal and friendly nature, the non-specific art on the outside began to be commonly ignored. It was in 1891 that the famed Annie Oakley sent the first personalized holiday card. The front of the card held a photograph of the renowned sharpshooter and was sent back to her family in the United States from her visit to Scotland.


Today’s design and printing capabilities are obviously much more advanced than those of the late 1800s. This means that festive families and friends have access to a virtually endless number of options when it comes to creating their cards. Holiday card customization helps your card stand out from the stacks that we all receive, jogging your recipients’ attention and kickstarting the emotional awareness we all want to inspire. Because of the popularity of customized cards these days, you’ll want to go a little beyond simply tucking a family holiday photo into a basic template and calling it a day. The graphic design professionals who work with professional printing services have access to both the software and the skills that can really bring your card to life and make it stand out in the middle of a friend’s displayed collection. There are also more dimensions to the customization of a holiday card than just the graphics and photographs. Professional printers can offer you a wide array of paper weights, textures, and finishes to amplify the unique nature of your holiday message. Stray a little from the traditional white matte interior and the glossy, smooth exterior, and you’ll be surprised at the attention your holiday cards will receive.
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The holidays are a wonderful time to expand our reach to those with whom we may not have regular contact. As such, it’s also the perfect opportunity to share family news and catch up on the meaningful events that sometimes get lost in the shuffle of our daily lives. It’s long been a popular practice to deliver that information on stationery fitting for the festive nature of the holiday season.
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It could be argued that personalized decorative stationary is even more appropriate than a personalized cards exterior. After all, we spend much more time carefully deciding how to fill up that stationery space, and those pages often contain information much closer to our hearts than even the warmest of season’s greetings. Matching or complementary paper weights, finishes, and textures can add an impressive touch of class and style to your holiday cards and stationery. No one knows how to create those effective combinations better than professional printers and designers. Take the time during the holiday rush this season to infuse a little extra care and emotion into your holiday messages, and bring a brighter smile to those who mean the most to you during this special season.



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