Exterior Dimensional Company Logo

Black PVC with custom print and CNC cutting

Effective branding and durable materials for signage

Step into the world of three-dimensional branding with our custom Exterior Dimensional Company Logo Signage. This visually striking signage brings your brand to life, literally standing out from the facade of your business, beckoning customers with its bold, protruding design.

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Richmond, BC, Canada V6X 2R2

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Dimensional Company Logo FAQs

What is Dimensional Company Logo Signage?

It’s a three-dimensional sign that features your business logo with depth and texture.

What materials are used for these signs?

We use a variety of materials including acrylic, metal, and PVC, customized for outdoor use.

Can Dimensional Logo Signs be lit?

Yes, we offer backlit and front-lit options to illuminate your signage.

How long does a Dimensional Logo last?

With proper maintenance, it can last for many years, even in harsh weather.

Are Dimensional Logos customizable in size?

Absolutely, we can create logos in various sizes to meet your specifications.

Can you match my company's exact colors?

Yes, we use color-matching techniques to ensure brand consistency.

How is the logo mounted to the building?

We use secure mounting techniques suitable for your building’s exterior surface.

How much does a Dimensional Company Logo Signage cost?

Pricing varies based on size, material, and complexity of design.

How do we start the design process?

Contact us, and we’ll guide you through design consultation to installation.

Can Dimensional Company Logo Signs be used indoors?

Certainly, they are versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Do you offer pickup or delivery options?

Pickup orders at our Richmond location are always free. For your convenience, we also offer shipping within the lower mainland for $25-$35 depending on the shield size. Whether you’re located in Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, New Westminster, Surrey, White Rock in British Columbia, Canada – we will have a solution for you.

Is there any maintenance required?

Minimal maintenance is needed; occasional cleaning is typically sufficient.

Where are you located?

Visit our location at:
2895 Simpson Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada V6X 2R2