Media Wall

Got a big idea you want to share? With a Media Wall you can turn that idea, brand or logo into a large scale backdrop for photo-ops or just to have a grand presence.

The Media Wall comes in several sizes and features two unique designs to fit your needs. There’s the tension fabric style or the LED tension frameless fabric design. Essentially your ‘wall’ consists of a fabric wrap that zips up around a lightweight, easy to assemble frame. They are popular at trade shows but with the trending step and repeat way others can use it by posing in front of your logo or brand, these Media Walls are great for other uses as well. We’re thinking birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, product launches, festivals and any other special occasion that demands a portable wall. Give your event a touch of the red carpet treatment!

Portable is the key here as the Media Wall comes with a carrying case so you can pack and go wherever you need to get that message out front and centre. Need some design ideas? Ask our innovative design team. They’ve seen more than their share of these and can make your Media Wall the one everyone will want to take a selfie with.