Feather/Teardrop/Block Flags

The answer to great spot marketing is blowing in the wind. Custom printed with your brand or message to get you the attention your business deserves.

You’ve seen them. Giant feather-shaped or teardrop-shaped flags that stand tall and flap away with the lightest breeze. These are incredibly popular and eye-catching with just the way they move. Imagine a string of them lining a sidewalk with your brand or message on them. The stand out and get noticed. To get your business to stand out and get noticed, turn to these flag ideas for your next event or just to raise awareness of your product. They add a unique beauty to wherever they go.

Durable and flexible, these flags will last a long time waving hello to anyone passing by. With your business promoted on them, the high visibility of these flags will give your product or service a great deal of instant attention.