Printed Advertising Mailers and Flyers are Most Effective During the Holidays

At least two things are always certain to increase during the holidays: the number of people traveling and the volume of mail in the postal system. While increased traffic may make the holiday season a less than ideal time to travel, though, it actually has the opposite effect on printed advertising. Contrary to what might seem intuitive, the holiday season is actually the most effective time to launch an advertising mailing campaign. Below we’ll take a brief look at the reasons for why this is true and for various options available for printed marketing forms.


The flood of mail that comes into most homes during the holidays can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. However, because mail recipients are more interested in making sure they don’t pass over that friendly and festive greeting card, that special party invitation, or that interesting family holiday newsletter, they often pay much closer attention to each piece of mail. During periods in the year when the mail flow seems to produce nothing of personal value, potential customers can grow a little numb to any mail items that don’t register as being personalized. Over the holidays, though, we’re each a bit more alert when we check our mailboxes. This simple uptick in attention can be the perfect catalyst to connecting your business with new or existing customers.

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There’s no question that the holiday season is by far the biggest retail period of the entire calendar year. Many businesses make the most critical portion of their revenue during this period, and they may even find themselves in the red without it. We’ve all seen the videos of the doorbuster crushes that fill the shopping frenzy between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the image of shoppers bustling through winter streets while bogged down with shopping bags is nothing short of iconic. This enhanced consumer period isn’t only the result of the gift giving traditions that surround the end of year holidays, though. Much of the Western world has also been conditioned to expect exceptional sales at this time of year. That expectation feeds the shopping urge and makes customers more receptive to marketing and advertising campaigns. Essentially, it’s just a lot easier to entice customers who are already expecting positive shopping conditions.


Prime mailing conditions and a heightened consumer atmosphere creates the perfect storm for advertising by mail during the holiday period. Printed advertisements meet potential customers in their homes and can reach a broad spectrum of people. There may not be one single form of printed mail advertising that’s superior across the board during this period, so businesses should take advantage of the variety of presentations available to them. In the graphic below, we cover a number of the options possible for mailing advertisements to boost your business.

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  • Postcards – Customers are often on the lookout during the holiday season for pieces of mail about the size of greeting cards. For this reason, postcard style advertisements might give a business an extra boost in attracting consumer attention.
  • Flyers – Single page flyers are a simple means for presenting a limited amount of information. Due to their basic, two-dimensional nature, they are an efficient way to reach larger numbers of people without worrying about postal weight or extra production costs.
  • Inserts – Customers looking for holiday deals are often drawn to groups of advertisements simply due to the increased opportunity for interest. If your company can offer an eye-catching insert that piggybacks inside the folds of a larger collection of advertisements, you get the added benefit of an already established consumer attitude.
  • Booklets – If you’ve got a wide array of appealing items to peddle, a folded advertising booklet may be the most effective way to go. This form is ideal for more comprehensive stores with a large variety of smaller items that can appeal to diverse consumer crowds.
  • Coupons – Everyone is looking for a good deal during the holidays, and this advertising form demands additional attention by your potential customers by requiring them to not only read the terms of the sales but to also often interact physically with the advertisement to obtain the sales coupon.
  • Sealed Envelopes – These are ideal for holding multiple individual printed pieces together as one collection. During the rest of the year, however, sealed envelopes can be easy for consumers to discard. Because opening mail is almost second nature during the holiday season, it may be the most effective time for this marketing form.
  Regardless of the form of printed advertising you choose for your business, it’s obvious that the holiday season is the prime time for mailing campaigns. Attention to mail is at its annual peak, and consumers are already snuggled comfortably in buying mode. Weather conditions can restrict travel to direct and intentional shopping trips, though, so use printed mailers to make your business a predetermined destination by first reaching consumers in their homes.



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