YiFang Fruit Tea Marine Gateway

Yifang Fruit Tea Marine Gateway

Hoarding Graphics

Prior to opening, while in the construction phase, we recommended to add hoarding graphics on the exterior windows. This served as a multipurpose tool to allow the people living/working around the area to know of a brand new upcoming store and also to protect the tools/machinery inside the shop during construction. We used 3M 40C material with a matte lamination to protect the print from fading.

3d letters signs
3d letters signs


The requirement at Marine Gateway for signage allowed for channel letters above their store front and a blade sign on the corridor. We carefully read over the comprehensive to make sure we were meeting all the specs for both the management and City of Vancouver. By maximizing the allowed specs with the corporate identity of Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea, we were able to build an outstanding sign that is aligned with the premium brand.

We constructed the store front sign out of metal channel letters and backlit it with LED. We chose a black return on the sides to offer contrast to the bright white letters. We were able to incorporate both the Chinese letters and English logo into the signage while maximizing the space.

For the blade sign, we used thick push through acrylic letters with a black background. We played with incorporating the Chinese characters into this logo, but due to the spacing, we ultimately decided to use only the English logo as it would be the most obvious from a distance.


Decorated throughout the store on the inside is wallpaper graphics. These wallpaper graphics are approximately 12ft high and tells the story of the bubble tea history and also offers a perfect Instagram opportunity for social media.

Our talented team at Twiisted Media has a full team to handle the designs, printing and installation in house. We pride ourselves in being a one stop shop as it’s less headaches for store owners.

Stair Graphics

One of the most unique marketing opportunities we recommended to the owners was to take advantage of the staircase that is in front of their unit. This staircase is frequented with high traffic from the Marine Gateway Canada Line and bus loop.

For the design, we had to be creative since the individual set of stairs will separate graphics. We decided to split up the graphics into little pieces of artwork that when viewed from the right angle create the illusion of a 3D bubble tea drink.

We used outdoor vinyl stickers that are specific for application on concrete to make sure that it can resist the heavy foot traffic and weather elements. These vinyl floor graphics are truly a sight that can’t be missed.


Our lead project manager had the excellent marketing idea to utilize the outdoor glass skybridge that connects our location with Cineplex and the office towers at Marine Gateway. Once the store was ready for business, we added window graphics that allow passersby to see that the location was “Now Open”. Since this was a temporary elements, we used window cling that would be easy to remove and wouldn’t leave any residue once removed in the future.

Check out our timelapse and various pictures showcasing how the installation process was like.

Covid-19 Prevention

In the new day and age, Covid-19 prevention is of upmost importance. To provide preventative measures, we installed acrylic sneeze guard barriers at the cashier and pickup window. We used thick acrylic shields that are stable and would not lose their shape.

For their Grand Opening, we provided some floor stickers to make sure that the 6ft distance is maintained between customers.

The Outcome

Twiisted Media was able to utilize our expertise in graphic design, printing, installation and marketing to help the new bubble tea shop gain exposure. We worked hand in hand with their team for the Grand Opening and as part of our marketing package, we discussed graphic placements with the management at Marine Gateway. This project was truly a perfect case study to showcase all the elements that we offer at Twiisted Media. Contact us today to see how we can help your brand.

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