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Tesla Model X Satin Dark Grey Vinyl Car Wrap

Tesla Model X - Satin Dark Grey

The Tesla Model X is a visually striking masterpiece with the falcon doors and technology that is ahead of its time.

What color do you see when looking at this vehicle?

This stunning example of modern technology was wrapped in 3M 2080 satin dark grey (2080-S261) on the exterior body panels. The 2080 series film from 3M features better air release channels, non-visible channels, excellent conformability and excellent airflow to prevent air bubbles.

What color do you see when looking at this vehicle?

The chrome trims on this vehicle were also wrapped in satin black to complete the look. Known as a “dechrome”, changing the silver colors of your chrome pieces to gloss black or satin black is the perfect way to have the overall look blend uniformly.

Picking between a gloss, matte or satin finish can be challenging. Check out our blog to assist you with your choice 


For this Tesla Model X, the client chose a satin finish. This satin color gives really shows off the curves and body lines of the vehicle. With the satin finish, the vinyl is easy to maintain while still offering a menacing look.


Why it’s important to find a qualified shop

In preparation for a vehicle wrap, we wash the car thoroughly and clay bar the surface. As well, we remove a lot of parts on the vehicle to ensure a better coverage. For the Tesla Model X, we removed the front bumper, tail lights, trims, moldings and side cameras.

With the hundreds of colors to choose from, contact our sales team today to pick which color works best for your vehicle.

Where can I get my vehicle wrapped?

To ensure a proper wrap process, it is important to find a car wrap shop that has experience removing parts on your vehicle to hide edges and make sure the original paint is hidden. Twiisted Media which is located in the Richmond area on Bridgeport is a short 5 min drive away from Ikea and easily accessible from Oak Street Bridge or Knight Street Bridge.

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