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Tesla Model 3 Color Change Vinyl Car Wraps

Tesla Model 3 - Matte Metallic Powder Blue wrap


We’re always excited when we get to work on the future of automotive engineering in our 
facility. The stunning Model 3 from Tesla is a perfect example of how far technology and engineering has come. 


The Adventure

This Tesla Model 3 was just recently picked up from the new Tesla Delivery Center in Surrey. It was promptly driven straight to our facility to receive a fresh new vinyl wrap color change. By adding a vinyl wrap layer on top, not only does it change the vehicle color, but it also protects the painted surface from light scratches.

Our team worked closely with the owners to pick a color to bring out the body lines of the Tesla. They wanted a wrap color that would help distinguish themselves from the many Tesla’s parked in the shopping malls without being too bright. We ultimately settled on the Avery matte frosty blue (SW900-643). This matte vinyl wrap from Avery Dennison looks stunning in the sunlight and shade alike. The unique color really helps to draw out the body lines of the vehicle and make it look wider than actual.


The Process

For our vinyl wrap process, we start by giving the vehicle a thorough wash to decontaminate the paint. Afterwards, our technicians carefully remove vehicle parts to ensure the vinyl wrap can be installed as flawless as possible. For this specific vehicle, we removed tail-lights, side marker cameras, door moldings, front bumper and lights.

While removing parts requires more time for the Tesla Model 3, we find that having the parts removed ensures we can tuck the vinyl wrap as far inwards as possible so that the original body color does not show through. 

Fun Fact: Most Tesla owners plan to wrap the vehicle even prior to picking up the car. Tesla Canada website configurator only offers 5 paint choices. Since white is the only FREE included color, it makes sense to choose this option if you plan to wrap your vehicle. This helps save on overall costs.

Although Avery and 3M wraps are engineered specifically for vehicle wraps and intended to last for 5-10 years, we find this process helps ensure that longevity. Since there are minimal edges exposed, the vinyl will look nicer and last longer for your investment. 

Tesla Model 3 Car wrap
Tesla Model 3 Car wrap
tesla-wrap-tesla-model-3-matte-blue-vancouver - twiistedmedia

The Result

We take extreme pride in every vehicle wrap project that we work on. This Tesla Model 3 is no exception. Check out the close-up pictures of our attention to detail. Our goal is to make every detail look like a stunning example to rival paint directly from the factory.

This Tesla Model 3 vinyl wrap color change is sure to be noticed on the roads and at Tesla Superchargers around the Greater Vancouver Area.

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