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Restaurants Sneeze Guards - The Quest

Restaurants Sneeze Guards

When Dolar Shop located in Richmond at Lansdowne Mall contacted us for a solution to the reopening of their restaurant, we jumped at the chance to offer our expertise in Restaurants Sneeze Guards protection as their Hot Pot location is a place we frequent often for team events. As B.C. introduces new rules for restaurant capacity during Covid-19, we have seen a influx of requests from restaurant owners who are no longer limited to a 50 percent capacity.

The Challenge

Restaurants Sneeze Guards

6ft high metal floor stands to ensure restaurant patrons are fully protected in their own “private” space.

Restaurants Sneeze Guards

Our acrylic floor stand barriers come normally finished in a nice gloss black finish. To fit the décor of the restaurant, we were able to customize the sneeze guard barrier to a gloss white finish instead

Restaurants Sneeze Guards

Check out the extra 2ft extension we can offer for unique layouts. This offers added protection without taking up an increased footprint for the base.

The updated requirements from the provincial health office Dr. Bonnie Henry requires restaurants to “determine the maximum number of patrons and staff that (their) premises can accommodate if they are standing or sitting two meters apart.

The new language also allows for exceptions to the two meter rule between tables provided restaurants are able to install a rigid, impermeable partition between tables.

As such, this is where Twiisted Media can bring our expertise in floor stand acrylic shields construction. The challenge with working on restaurants that are already open is that we need to find unique solutions for sneeze guard protection. This usually requires a custom design or modification of one of our standard products to be cost effective.

The limited space between the bench seating required a unique solution in order to maximize coverage between different tables.

As well, the client wanted to maintain the overall theme of the restaurant and not look too obstructive to the daily operations or clutter the space.

The Result

Restaurants Sneeze Guards

Secure, easy to install metal clamp system to connect with existing layouts. Takes minimal added space, while offering a large protection area.

Restaurants Sneeze Guards

metal clamps with a polished aluminum finish, multiple holes drilled to ensure an easy fit for all layouts.

Restaurants Sneeze Guards

We were able to send one of our technicians at the restaurant on the same day to do a site visit. We recommended various products that would aid in the getting the restaurant reopened at near full capacity, while following the new standards set out by the BC government for Covid-19 prevention.

For one of the sections in the restaurant, we utilized our acrylic floor stands which are 4ft wide x 6ft high between the tables. As an added feature, we specially constructed  custom 1 ft extensions on one side so that it could cover the space between the bench seating.

For the small dividers, we extended the coverage an extra 2 feet so there would be protection between the tables while eating. For this, we used our metal clamp solution to securely stabilize the acrylic shields.

One of the important requests by the client was to offer maximum protection but not look too disruptive. We achieve this by custom powder-coating our floor stands to a gloss white color to match the wooden paneling and décor.

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