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During the pandemic, the team at Twiisted Media worked tirelessly to come up with solutions for various acrylic barrier protection for usage in a variety of settings. Our product offerings range from solutions for retail, schools, hotels and offices. These metal clamps are perfect to use with acrylic barriers as a sneeze guard prevention in close work environments. In the very beginning, we had created several different clamp styles to work with different desks/tables.

However, we quickly realized that this method was not very effective and cost-efficient for our clients.



won’t damage the surface.

 Take a look at some of the close-up pictures of our metal clamps. They are constructed of a high-strength steel that is powder-coated with a matte black finish to blend in with the environment and prevent rust from happening. Our custom metal clamps allow the fitment for tables up to 2” thick and it can support an acrylic shield up to 36” in height. 

The metal clamps are easy to reconfigure with the use of a Philips screwdriver. You’ll notice that there are pre-drilled holes to allow you to orient the direction of the metal stand. As well, these metal clamp allows you to either attach it to the side of a desk or on top of office dividers. The tightening screw can fit thicknesses up to 2 inches and the flat circular metal piece allows the pressure to be spread evenly so it won’t damage the surface.

Office sneeze guard
office sneeze guard

We have one metal clamp solution that can be oriented in 4 different ways to fit most tabletops and dividers. This method allows us to create one product that works in many different settings. Due to our high volume purchasing power, the cost of these metal clamps can be kept at a reasonable rate for our customers.

Stay tuned for our metal clamp solutions. We are constantly trying to improve our sneeze guard offerings at a reasonable and cost-effective price to you.



What services do we provide?

With every location, there is a unique layout. Although we have many different sneeze guard products available for unique situations, it’s best to consult with us to see which option is the best fit. We offer on site consulting and measurement services to recommend solutions that best fit your needs.

Why choose us?

Twiisted Media is local and we have worked with many businesses in the Greater Vancouver Area. We understand the value of our products and we have thought of a solution to fit every need. Due to our high-volume buying power, we have been able to purchase in bulk to help keeps costs lower. We have sold over 1000 shields to date with hundreds of happy clients!

Which product is right for me?

There are lots of different sneeze guard barrier products available for use with retail, office space, commercial, schools etc. We offer freestanding shields, hanging shields, floor standing shields, and custom shields. Speak to a customer service rep today to see which option is right for you?

Do you offer installation?

Our sneeze guards are freestanding and most of our products are ready to use with no special installation requirements necessary. However, there are some locations which require a unique barrier system to be installed to fully cover their high traffic areas. As such, we offer installation solutions on all our products.

Do you stock all inventory ?

We stock the acrylic sheets in our warehouse and all related parts to manufacture your sneeze guards. We also have new inventory coming in weekly to keep up with the workflow.

How long will it take to receive my product?

We have a premade solution ready for same day pickup.( CLICK HERE  check out our pre-made Sneeze guards) For custom orders, we can usually deliver within a week. We are confident with our timelines and delivery schedules. A customer service rep will be assigned to your individual project, so you can follow up with them if you have any questions.

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