GongCha new westminster

GongCha new westminster

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The Story

Nestled in the prime area of New Westminster resides a new Gong Cha bubble tea establishment to cater to students at Douglas College, residents nearby and people taking the New Westminster station to work.

The Gong Cha in New Westminster is unlike other bubble tea establishments with its modern architecture, elevated design, comfortable seating area and clean minimalistic approach for the exposed kitchen.

Twiisted Media was excited to tackle on this project to showcase our products to help with their branding during renovation and interior décor.

Acrylic Sneeze Guards

A relatively new offering from Twiisted Media is our acrylic sneeze guard barriers. During the pandemic, a lot of retail locations require acrylic barriers to keep staff and customers safe. At Gong Cha New Westminster, we added these shields to fully cover the cashier area, preparation area, and pickup area.

Temporary Hoarding Graphics (Window Graphics) 

Prior to launching and during renovations, we covered all the windows with our 3M 40C materials with a matte lamination over top for protection. Hoarding graphics are perfect for a new store launch because it conceals the renovations occurring inside as well as hides any expensive equipment from potential thefts. At the same time, our printed hoarding graphics adds visibility to a new and upcoming location so passerbys can start to become aware of your location in the near future. The best part is our materials can cleanly and easily be removed in the future once you’re ready for the Grand Opening.

3d letters signs
3d letters signs
3d letters signs

3D Dimensional Letters

We offer various material options for 3D dimensional letters ranging from acrylic pvc and foam. We can also print graphics on top or add custom colors to follow your company branding elements. For Gong Cha New Westminster, we cut ½” thick PVC materials precise to their artwork to adhere to their drywall, wood and cement areas. We use a CNC cutter for accuracy and precisely finished letters. The letters are further secured to the wall areas via strong double sided tape and/or silicone to hold the heavier letters. 

Canvas Prints

We printed beautiful artwork created by Gong Cha headquarters. We used our specialty large format machine paired with specific canvas material to create a paint like finish. We also offer wooden wrapping on thick 1.5” sides to create an art piece. Check out the finished products to see the results.

Printed Assets

On top of offering dimensional letters, wall graphics, and window graphics, at Twiisted Media, we also offer large/small format printing for sandwich boards, menus and flyers. The end result is truly a one stop shop for all your design, printing and installation needs for new retail locations.

The Outcome

As a result of our experience at Twiisted Media, we were able to complete all items with a quick turnaround time. Our products fully complement the high end décor at Gong Cha and we’re proud to have worked with such a great team at Gong Cha New West. Check out their location! They’re set to launch soon with a Grand Opening following shortly.

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