Canada Maple Film Festival

Stars are Born

From media walls to pop-up displays, Twiisted Media enjoyed the privilege of providing custom print services to the Canada Golden Maple International Film Festival in Vancouver, an esteemed international film celebration connecting Chinese culture to North American audiences through outstanding cinematic experiences. As the first international film festival in Canada officially supported by all three tiers of the government, Twiisted Media was ecstatic to design and build a variety of large format custom banners and displays to shine alongside the stars at this culturally-significant event.

Glow big or go home, is the inspiration behind all the display print products at the Canada Golden Maple International Film Festival.

The requested protagonist of the event was a 12.5 foot high by 100 foot wide media wall, and Team Twiisted knew exactly how to cast this lead. Constructing the massive base out of plywood and foam boards, the team printed the panels separately onto adhesive panels and assembled the entire graphic overnight. Each panel was meticulously affixed piece by piece on the wooden frame, a process which Team Twiisted completed within hours the night before the event day.

Several other custom graphic banners were also casted to fulfill multiple roles, including: a second 12.5 foot high by 40 foot wide media step and repeat backdrop, a large format banner display for the VIP lounge, a logo media wall for the press room, a graphic backdrop providing general information, and a striking 12.5 foot high by 30 foot wide large format fabric pop-up display placed at the entrance to welcome all guests.

The Canada Golden Maple International Film Festival attracts growing numbers every year, with over 1,000 celebrities, industry professionals, and film aficionados attending just during its first year in 2017. Inspired by the prominent creative nature of the event, Team Twiisted also pushed their own artistic limits to deliver some of the most impressive projects to date, including the innovative development of the 12.5 foot high by 100 foot wide custom logo media wall—an iconic centerpiece featured in most of the film festival’s photos.

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