The Event

Albatross is a unique and new West Coast outdoor music festival. Featuring a line up of Asian Canadian/American artists and international headliners, the event reverberates with a complete menu of musical tastes. Two days of indie rock, hip-hop, pop, folk, funk and reggae hosted at Vancouver’s Hastings Park Racecourse.

The event is the brainchild of Gastown-based Asian entertainment company MUBI Studio. They wanted to capitalize on the vast Asian musical landscape in the Vancouver region and developed Albatross as that vehicle. International artists based in China, Taiwan, Japan, Mongolia, South Korea, Philippines and Los Angeles peppered the program.

Originally called the Asian Music Festival, the event gained a unique personality when it experienced the name change to the Albatross Music Festival. Oddly enough, with such a rich Asian culture in the region, there had not been a music festival of this kind held in Vancouver before the arrival of Albatross.

The Task

Twiisted Media partnered with this new and fresh approach to music with our new and fresh approach to marketing. We provided various visual elements including flyers, flags and banners that appeared all over the venue. Our own unique personality came through with other items from our creative minds included media walls, media passes, posters and various types of promotional signage.