Maximize Your Mobile Marketing: Top 5 Car Wrap Design Elements

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  • April 10, 2017

If you’ve checked out some of our other blog posts like 3 Reasons Why Car Wrapping Is A Better Marketing Tool and Commercial Car Wrapping 101, you’ve figured out that car wrapping is a worthwhile investment for your business. In a nutshell, car wrapping is a type of mobile marketing that involves applying a customized vinyl film wrap to your vehicle. It’s cost-efficient, long-lasting, reaches a large audience, and can be applied and removed without damaging the vehicle.

You’re convinced that a car wrap would the perfect marketing tool for your business. That’s great! Before you jump in with both feet, consider the following design elements to make the most out of your mobile marketing:


Strong branding is key to any type of marketing and a car wrap is no exception. Before you even consider other design elements, you need a clear message. Every other aspect of your wrap such as the colours, fonts, and logo will depend on this and should speak clearly to what goods and/or services you offer.

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Stand Out

Now is not the time to blend into the background! Think bold and different – your car will be against a busy backdrop and needs to stand out against regular traffic. Car wraps provide a fantastic opportunity to get creative: you can use the entire vehicle to create a scene or get interactive by encouraging people to take pictures of your vehicle and post it to social media. You can also consider adding reflective graphics to increase visibility during early morning or late evening hours. Not only do you want the vehicle to stand out, but also the information itself. What action to you want your audience to take? If you want them to go to your website, make sure that information pops out.

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Keep It Simple

Remember that because your advertisement is on the move, your audience won’t have much time to absorb the information. Text that requires reading for more than 3-5 seconds will likely get lost. Your audience will miss valuable information if there is an overload of text and/or images. Only include what you want the audience to take away: strong brand identity, contact information (website, social media, phone number) and maybe a short tagline. Does your wrap effectively communicate this? Avoid too much text, bullet lists, noisy backdrop, busy images, or anything else that would distract from your main message.


Your wrap won’t be very effective if people can’t read it or understand what’s going on. Your design should be bold and dynamic while staying simple and obvious. Try to minimize text and carefully consider the font size and style – large enough to read from a distance and without any unnecessary frills. Also consider the placement of items and ensure images or text don’t distort around vehicle features like windows and handles.

Cater to Your Customers

Don’t base your design on your personal likes and dislikes. Think about what will appeal to your target customers. Are they more likely to respond positively to a classy understated design or to a bold and shocking one?

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