Italian Graphic Designer Highlights a World of Color Through Pantone Color Swatches

Andrea Antoni is an Italian graphic designer who is sharing his view of the world through Pantone colors and embracing every day beauty.

With digital photo editing, Antoni inserts his hand into each photo, displaying a Pantone swatch that perfectly compliments the colors of the landscape.

Have a very green Christmas, sisters and brothers! ??????

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This simple juxtaposition changes the way the scene is viewed. A seemingly bleak stretch of snow and ice pops next to a swatch of greys. A seascape takes on a gradient of blues that the eye may not have recognized at first glance. The artist notes, “As a graphic designer, I’ve always loved the Pantone fan decks, although more for their joyfulness and color than for their intended purpose,” Antoni told Creators. “So it happened one day that I took a particularly colorful picture and tried to combine it with the related Pantone color. Initially, I would publish the occasional picture once in a while, but now about one third of my published photos are produced this way.”

Antoni will often creatively manipulate the image for maximum effect. The artist says,

“The images reflect the way I see the world, or the memory I have of some places. Some show the sensations that these places evoke in me”.

Antoni’s subtle comparison of swatch to image can invoke emotion, nostalgia or even humour. Suddenly these colors take on meaning outside themselves, adding a little more vibrancy to the way we view the world around us.


Image source: Instagram