How to choose the best vinyl wrap for my car?

How to choose the best vinyl wrap for my car

Which is the best Vinyl wrapping brand?

Choosing the best vinyl for your car wrap can be a tough decision. With the countless vinyl wrap colors offered by many reputable brands like 3M, Avery, Hexis, Oracal, KPMF, Inozetek, etc, this can be very confusing for the everyday consumer.

This process is made easier by the industry leader, Twiisted Media, in guiding you with this hard decision.

We’ve put together a simple guide to set you in the right path towards choose the perfect wrap for your car. If you require more information, our sales team would be happy to assist you.

In the article today, we’ll delve into why Avery Dennison is one of the top choices among wrap experts and consumers today.

Avery Dennison

Avery Supreme Wrapping Film SW900

Avery Supreme wrapping film has dozens of colors available on the market right now, with several new colors released every season. The colors cover the full spectrum of the rainbow with some specialty finishes and color shifting materials thrown into the mix.

Installers prefer using Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film SW900 because it has higher performance, versatility and easy to apply convenience. The film offers faster positioning and bubble free application. As well, the film features long term removability.

Consumers prefer this film because car wraps can be completed faster so there’s less downtime with your vehicle being in the shop. The Avery car wrap vinyl can also easily be removed in the future when you decide to sell your vehicle or return the car after a lease. As well, the air release (bubble free) technology makes for a smooth seamless application.

Avery Supreme Wrapping Film Color Choices

Among the dozens of available colors, they can be categorized into several categories.

Gloss vinyl wraps

Gloss vinyl wraps closely mimic car paint and would offer a different look if you weren’t able to select it originally from the dealerships.

Matte vinyl wraps

Matte vinyl wraps helps set your vehicle apart with the new striking look. The matte vinyl material helps to better accentuate the body lines and curvature of your vehicle.

Satin vinyl wraps

Satin vinyl wraps are a cross between matte and gloss vinyl finishes. This wrap offers the benefits of a matte finish, but with a slight shine to not be too dull.

Gloss Metallic vinyl wraps

Gloss metallic vinyl wraps are not to be confused with gloss wraps as this material has metallic flakes in it to better mimic some factory car finishes. Depending on the color you pick, the sparkle bits can be larger to be more eye catching as it reflects more light

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber parts are all the rage in the aftermarket community. With these parts easily costing hundreds of dollars, this wrap mimics the look at a fraction of the price.


Brushed vinyl materials offer the machined look of real steel parts. Use this material as accents to various parts of your vehicle to offer a contrast


The diamond series from Avery has exceptionally large flakes of metallic in it. Under the sunlight this material sparkles like a diamond.


The pearl materials offer a very nice gloss finish with a pearl hue to it. Similar to a candy paint job, pearl has tiny flecks of iridescent in the material to give a subtle finish.


The colorflow series offers color shifting hues depending on which angle you look at the vinyl. This is definitely something unique that will capture a second look from passerbys

Conform Chrome Series

The chrome vinyl colors are almost a mirror like finish. Once applied, it reflects everything when driving. Now offered in various finishes to stand out

Is Avery Dennison SW900 right for me?

Avery Dennison SW900 supreme wrapping films is definitely a leader in the car wrap market. With the tried and tested technologies in their film, this material should definitely be on your list when choosing a vinyl color for your next car wrap project.

Contact our sales team to set up an appointment to view the colors in person and discuss how it will look on your vehicle.

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