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Construction Site with Custom Hoarding Graphics

In the bustling landscape of construction, hoarding graphics stand as a canvas that transforms a standard barrier into a captivating advertising medium. Hoarding & Site Signage is not just a necessity; it’s an opportunity for branding and community engagement. These vibrant barricade graphics serve as a visually appealing façade, covering the raw face of a development with striking imagery and targeted key messaging.

What are Hoarding Graphics?

Hoarding Graphics refer to the large-format printed visuals applied to the temporary fencing or wooden structure that surrounds a construction site. These graphics turn the necessary safety barricades into impactful marketing billboards. With the right design, Construction Hoarding Graphics serves as a powerful brand statement, teasing the potential of what’s coming soon.

The Creation of Hoarding Graphics

The process begins with understanding the brand and the message it wants to convey. High-resolution images and bold designs are printed on durable materials using state-of-the-art printers. The prints are then securely installed onto the construction hoarding, ensuring they withstand the elements and the test of time. Typically we use various substrates including coroplast, aluminum panel (alu panel), mesh, scrim banner etc.

The Purpose of Hoarding Graphics

Hoarding Graphics serve a dual purpose: they enhance the aesthetic of a construction site and provide a strategic marketing platform. These graphics can announce new developments, display future project renderings, or advertise the businesses that will occupy the space. They’re an essential tool for generating public interest and excitement.

Who Benefits from Hoarding Graphics?

Developers, retailers, construction companies, and marketers all stand to gain from utilizing Hoarding Graphics. Any entity that wishes to maintain a positive and engaging presence during the construction phase will find these graphics indispensable. They’re also beneficial for cityscapes, helping to preserve the visual appeal of the community.

Marketing with Hoarding Graphics

Barricade Graphics turn a construction site from a potential eyesore into a marketing asset. They’re an opportunity to communicate with passersby, keeping the brand alive in the public eye. As a marketing tool, they’re invaluable for maintaining brand presence and generating buzz for upcoming projects.

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Construction Signage,Hoarding Graphics​ FAQs

What is a Construction Signage, Hoarding Graphics?

Hoarding is a type of temporary decoration that can be removed or changed at a later date. The main purpose is to hide renovations, work in progress and expensive equipment that may be inside.

Why do I need to install Construction Signage, Hoarding Graphics?

If your commercial location does not have a barrier, the City will require you to install hoarding to protect the general public from injury. This barrier around provides a safety net to prevent such issues as falling debris, construction equipment, noise, dust, injuries etc.


What material are Construction Signage, Hoardings Graphics made of?

Depending on your location, if it’s inside a mall or retail location you will most likely see plywood. If it’s at an exterior site, usually it’s created with mesh fence panels or a combination of timber faced with plywood.

How can I take advantage of Construction Signage, Hoarding Graphics? 

By adding graphics on the exterior of the windows or hoarding, you can take advantage of the space to advertise your upcoming company. The large space is eye catching for potential customers that pass by and the best part is that it’s the lowest cost per impression compared to other forms of marketing.

Do I need permits or permission to place the Graphics and Construction Signage?

As hoarding graphics at malls or retail locations is temporary, you will be allowed to install it. However, you should check with your landlord about specific requirements they may have in regards to content they allow and installation times.

What can be applied on top of Hoarding Graphics, Construction Signage?

This depends on how your hoarding is constructed.
Plywood – We can use custom printed wallpaper graphic and apply it on top. We can also use printed aluminum panels and mount it on top
Mesh Fence – We can use vinyl scrim banner, mesh banner or premium block vinyl banners

What is the print process? 

We specialize in large format printing to create these graphics. We can print directly onto vinyl or aluminum panels. There is also an option to add a lamination layer on top. The standard choice is with a matte or gloss finish. In higher traffic areas where there is the potential for vandalism, we also offer anti-graffiti laminate.


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