The easy guide to understanding car paint protection film (PPF)

The easy guide to understanding paint protection film (PPF)

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

PPF is an ultra-thin layer of polyurethane, or polymer which is applied over top of your factory paint. This finish comes in either a clear or matte version.  We recommend finding a certified auto shop for your installation.

After it’s applied, this invisible layer acts as a shield around your vehicle to protect the most sensitive areas.

The Truth About Paint Protection Film (PPF)

With all the advances in technology, manufacturing and car protection, it can be a little overwhelming for a car enthusiast to pick the right option for their vehicle. This is why Twiisted Media has put together an easy to understand overview of paint protection film and why it is right or wrong for you!

Your vehicle from the factory comes with a clear coat. This layer is intended to protect against the elements and to protect the paint finish. However, there are many weaknesses and drawbacks to this

Factory clear coat finishes may show fading, peeling, cracking and scratches if proper care is not taken to maintain the finish. The advantage of paint protection film is that all these issues have been solved….and then some!

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What does Paint Protection Film (PPF) help with?

Paint Protection film helps to protect your factory paint finish from things like surface scratches, UV exposure, hard water deposits, acid rain, oxidation, and others.

Paint protection film (ppf) Vancouver

Click Here Check out a vehicle we recently wrapped in paint protection film! 

Here, the Tesla has been wrapped in matte paint protection film (ppf) to fully protect the car paint and give it a different look at the same time.

What are the types of paint protection film(PPF)?

While 3M was the original pioneers of the ppf film, there are a handful of manufacturers which have fine tuned and started offering this paint protection film product as well. Companies such as Suntek, Xpel, Ceramic Pro Kavaca are all very high end products which will work well with your vehicle.

Other popular names for paint protection film include:

  • Invisible shield
  • Car shield
  • Clear wrap
  • Car protection film
  • Clear bra
  • Clear mask
  • Self healing wrap

What are the types of paint protection film(PPF)?

While both of these popular products have their own advantages, the gap is steadily closing. Here’s a quick rundown of each product

Vinyl Wrap is a 2-3 mil thick product which comes in many different colors, patterns, and even offers printable materials. The vinyl has to be applied dry and this product features bubble free technology which helps to get rid of any trapped air pockets with ease. This option is best if you’re looking to change the color and look of your existing vehicle paint color.

Paint Protection film is an 8 mil thick product which is mainly available in a clear and matte finish. It helps to protect the paint surface and offers self-healing features and hydrophobicity depending on which brand you choose. This product can only be applied using a wet application and any trapped air has to be fully pushed out.

How is paint protection film (PPF)installed?

Paint protection film is applied using a wet application. The reason why this is done is because the film is not as forgiving. You’ll need to reposition and slide the material in the proper area. As well, any air pockets that get trapped will need to be pushed out with a squeegee or lifted and reapplied. For most vehicles, we have a template already stored in our system which allows us to cut exact to the shape of your vehicle so you don’t need to worry about a knife touching your painted surface. For some larger areas such as hoods, we usually use a term called “bulk install” where the material is not cut to size first. 

Check out our video below showing how paint protection film is applied on the hood of a vehicle.

How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

The best part about paint protection film is that it’s engineered to last! According to the manufacturers, the film has a lifetime of between 5-10 years. At Twiisted Media, we offer a lifetime warranty on our work, so if there’s any bubbles or areas lifting over a period of time, we’ll fix it or replace the panel free of charge.

Insider Tip:
Did you know that paint protection film (ppf) is insured by ICBC in the event of a collision or vandalism? Contact us today to learn more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paint Protection Film for your car?

While there are advantages and disadvantages to everything, we’ve listed out each so you can decide for yourself if it’s the right application for your vehicle.

PPF Pros
  • Offers a higher gloss shine if choosing the clear version
  • Hides minor existing paint squirrels
  • Protects your factory paint
  • Offers self healing features
PPF Cons
  • depending on which brand you pick, it’s not as hydrophobic
  • Using inferior PPF vinyl will yellow over time
  • Once damaged, the entire panel will need to be replaced
  • Product is not user friendly to install for a first time DIY
  • Material costs are more expensive than vinyl wrap

How Can You Get the Most Out of PPF?

After the paint protection film has been applied, it’s best to wash your vehicle and maintain the product. For the ultimate in protection and maintenance, you can add a Ceramic Coating layer on top

Paint protection film (ppf) Vancouver

What’s the Verdict on Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is an excellent choice for your vehicle and will protect your painted surface and make it easier to maintain. If you’re looking for a color change instead, a vinyl wrap option will be better for you. 

Paint Protection Film FAQ’s

Hopefully we’ve answered all your questions above, but if there’s anything we’ve left out, feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales team for more specific questions.

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Hopefully we’ve answered all your questions above, but if there’s anything we’ve left out, feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales team for more specific questions.

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