“Every great Graphic Design begins with”

a Twiist.

We create it better.

The visual elements of a company all play a vital role for the branding of any business. By creating a captivating design, it helps communicate your products or services to your target audience at a quick glance. With the ever changing global market, having a strong brand identity helps you stand out among all the competition.

Graphic Design

“Graphic Design is intellligence made visible”

At Twiisted Media, we specialize in merging awesome ideas using graphic design and combining it with three dimensional products.

Our experienced Art Director at Twiisted Media has all the tools and abilities to help convey a message of professionalism and acumen to help strengthen your visual brand presence no matter which industry you’re in. We understand our clients have a passion with their brand and we’re here with you every step of the way to help with your growth.

What We do

Our designs at Twiisted Media have touched virtually every industry and can be seen from restaurant menus to window displays to vehicle wraps to marketing campaigns throughout Vancouver and beyond.

LOGO/Brand Identity Design

Have you ever wondered why you’re able to identify a logo instantly from a company? Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a new startup, everything begins with an awesome logo! Symbols are a succinct and efficient approach of communicating information about your business at a glance. Logos are often an under-looked asset of a company but it is in fact the most important branding investment you can make

A logo is much more than just an image, it is a point of recognition and important foundation of branding on all your assets. A well-designed logo exhibits professionalism and provides an important first introduction to potential clients.

Simple design elements such as shape, lines, alignment, colors and typeface all play a strategic role in the creation of a logo. At Twiisted Media, we understand the importance of having a great logo to attract attention to your specific target audience.

Business Card Design

Often overlooked for its relatively small size, a business card can be critical to gaining business. Even in the digital age, a business card can still play a vital role to showcase all relevant contact information for a prospective client. It is crucial to have an eye catching and clean design as an effective tool to drive customers.

Despite all the technological advancements in todays society, business cards are still irreplaceable. At Twiisted Media, we are able to communicate your company branding in an attractive design.

On top of offering design services, we are able to consult on specialty paper and finishes to add that extra personal touch and make that valuable first impression.

Car wrap Design

Car wrapping is an effective and cost efficient way of marketing for businesses. Instead of your vehicle being used solely for transportation, you can also use it as a marketing means. Vehicle wraps have the lowest cost per impression compared to other marketing methods.

At Twiisted Media, we have access to a large data base of templates for almost every vehicle. We start off by offering project consultation to see what you’re looking to gain out of the campaign and what design elements are required. Once we have a better understanding of your project, we create the designs directly onto the template so you can have a better visual understanding of how it’ll look. Once the design is approved, we have our inhouse machines print on vehicle specific vinyl for installation.

Flyer Design

Have a lot of product for sale and other marketing formats don’t seem to be workingTry using a flyer for a change. It’ll change the way you look at direct mail marketing.

Flyers are great ways for advertising product sales and anything else your business does. The large format of a flyer makes this an effective tool that gets carried away and absorbed later. There are several formats and different paper stock available that can enhance the message just with a slightly different print run. Not only do flyers create tremendous personal contact with you and customers, they tell your customers all about the sales and promotions you have building a wave of anticipation with each following sales flyer.

Bring us your design ideas, content and all the other details so our print production team can twist it all into a stunning flyer that tells customers this promotion is one they can’t afford to miss.


It’s a wall. It’s a wrap. Walls are spaces that can really become more than barriers between rooms when you look at the space with an eye on marketing.

A wall wrap is a covering that can fill the complete space of any wall from floor to ceiling. Imagine a giant billboard or advertising space that now fills the wall of the lobby to your office. A wall wrap does not disturb the existing paint or colour of the wall. In fact, the wrap sits on the outer surface and covers that paint and projects a message or your brand identity in a manner that cannot be ignored. Plus, you can remove it when you need to. Try doing that with a freshly painted logo.

Our skilled team can create the visual your business needs in a full sized wall covering. See your walls in a completely different light and as a marketing tool with a wall wrap.

These are a lot more than window dressings; they are wraps that make maximum use of the space used for windows.

You can still use the windows as windows, but a window wrap makes the view inside all that more attractive.

Put that window space to good use with a window wrap. Turn that space into a tool that promotes and advertises what is going on inside your store. With this kind of treatment, you’ll be able to draw traffic inside your business thanks to how a window wrap attracts more than just window shoppers. With several different designs and possibilities, your storefront windows become canvasses to our talented design team.

Give us your window space and your ideas and we’ll twist them into promotional opportunities that will push traffic into your storefront. Ask us about seasonal ideas that can save you a bundle in decorations and time. Wrap your windows with our help and generate some business.

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