Graphic Design Trends to Watch Out For 2017

A Mode of Communication

Graphic design is also known as communication design. It is the art or skill put into practice with a mission of making conversations through visual and textual content. After all, speaking is not the only mode of communication. When art along with creativity and modern evolution come together, a concept called graphic designing is born.

Neither two days are same nor two years. Similar is the case with trends and fashion. Every year has its new colour and new ways to express creativity and imagination. The year 2017 too has its new set of trends, to change the physiognomy of graphic design.   

There have been thousands of articles talking about the “trend”, however, to summarize the overall graphic design direction, following are a few trends that will spread across the graphic design sphere.

1. Material Design

The material design has the potential to become the biggest and boldest of design trends of the year. It would be important to grasp and comprehend it. The material design aesthetic is a style guide created by Google that can untangle the technique by which designers design and users interact with the internet. Material design is analogous to Flat Design 2.0. Nevertheless, it takes intentionality to a higher level. The core notions of material design trend are “material as a metaphor; bold, graphic, intentional; and motion provides meaning.

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2. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are photos with a slight touch of a video, where a single, minor movement is made. These photographs commonly come in the form of GIF. Cinemagraphs have the power of giving images an unusual twist by bringing a particular part of the picture back to life, which makes it attractive. They are being considered as exceptionally simple and effectual solution to one of the biggest problems of modern marketing, which is time. Cinemagraphs aids marketers in grabbing the attention of the users and making a great impression.

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3. Minimalism

The origin of minimalism can be traced back to the early part of the 20th century. The concept of minimalism is solely based on the objective of elimination of all that creates a distraction. Presently, it is one of the biggest motivations of evolving optimised graphic design solutions. Minimalism’s single-mindedness on simplicity and functionality has promoted its adoption by many brands and design trends. Apple, for instance, has used minimalism for their “Less is more” idea, along with Google who incorporated it within ‘material design.’ With its increasing popularity, minimalism is here to stay.

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4. Bold Typography and Sleek Text

2017 can be a year dedicated to brave designers. The harmonization of bold photography with sleek text is gaining momentum as a trend. Big, bold and daring fonts will be used to catch the eye of the potential audiences. An amalgamation like this can be commonly found in ads for brands that embrace adventure, for example, Nike, Everlane, etc. It works wonders for social media promotions, display advertisements and graphics where little information needs to be delivered instantly.

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Other trends such as modernised retro, hand-drawn photos, geometric collages, etc. will also be popular graphic designing trends in 2017. Take your design to a fresher and bolder level with these graphic design trends.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity and give the world beautiful visuals!

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