Graphic Design Trends For Walls

In an office or home a large wall is really nothing more than a huge canvas waiting for personality to fill it up. Typically that means a couple of coats of paint to fit into the overall theme of the room or business setting. But thanks to modern digital print technology walls are far more than just places to cover up in paint.

Imagine the blank wall that spans across the width of your living or working space as a giant mural. With media wall printing this can easily be achieved transforming that otherwise flat space into an interesting visual that makes the entire room come alive. 

Photorealistic Wall Murals

Depending on the mood you are trying to create, the graphic design of a wall mural cannot be beat for a realistic transformation. Photorealistic murals are a large reproduction of a landscape, scene, view or any other stunning site that produces an impact.

A doctor’s office waiting room wall could have a waterfall fill it from edge to edge to calm patients waiting their turn to be seen. A hectic business office could have a large cityscape stretched across the room to fit in with the movement within the room.

Wall Mural Garden Scenery


Wallpaper Murals

The versatility of wallpaper murals makes them a great choice for a redecorating project without the expense of paint and supplies. They are available in various materials and have many different designs and patterns to choose – ranging from animals to scenes.

Wall Murals – Classic Hall Way

Full Size Wall Art

Media wall printing can create a piece of artwork to perfectly fit the size of your wall. It can be printed on canvas, paper or directly on the wall. A hand-painted piece of wall art will require slightly more maintenance than a print, but will give a room a personalized touch.

Giant map wall art decoration

Wall Decals

Another innovative form of graphic design for a wall is in the form of decals. They come in various packages with themes to them where you would apply them however you wish on a wall. The peel ‘n’ stick nature of the decals makes them reusable and removable.

Window-Inspired wall decal

Still Need Some Inspiration?

So you don’t have an office space with a huge wall. You still have walls in your home and regardless of their size, wall murals can bring character into your home. Not only will a large wall become a focal point in the room, the right mural can make a smaller room look bigger.

Living Room Wall Treatments

House not big enough for a fireplace or just too small? With the right media wall printing you can have a jungle scene, winter landscape or cozy fireplace to curl up to setting the mood without the extra work required. Living rooms can be completely transformed with the right mural.

Bedrooms Convert Easily

You can use a bedroom wallpaper mural to substitute for a headboard, cover the walls with large digital photorealistic murals of trees or a bubbling brook to allow you a place to relax indoors. For children, the bedroom ceiling could have a sky mural on it to help them fall asleep.

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As you can see, graphic design elements can take many shapes and formats and is not always just about advertising services or products. At Twiisted Media we can create wall decals and media wall printing products to change the look of any wall, any size. Call or e-mail us today.