Five Good Reasons to Spruce Up Your Space with Holiday Wall Decals

Christmas is right around the corner, and holiday wall decals can be the answer to breathing a bit of new life into your worn out holiday decor. So, before you drag those tattered old decorations out of the musty closets and attics in which they’ve been hiding for the past eleven months, you should consider livening up the festive scene with a new splash of color. Whether you’ve got family visiting from out of town, you’re trying to out shine the Joneses with the lavish light show down the street, or your looking to instill your customers with the spirit of the season, holiday themed wall decals are an imaginative alternative you may not have already considered.
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Everyone loves the traditional decorations with which we’ve grown so attached over the years. There’s a bit a nostalgia tucked away with that antique bulb from grandma’s tree or the nutcracker you received during your first Christmas as a couple. If we’re not careful, though, we can become stuck in the rut of mindlessly displaying the same old items year after year and the magic can begin to fade. So here’s just a few reasons why a holiday wall decal are a smart way to spruce up your seasonal scene.

They Don’t Take Up Any Additional Space

Because vinyl wall decals adhere directly to your wall and are just a small fraction of a centimeter thick, they don’t provide any additional clutter to your already cramped quarters. With all the visitors, extra displays, plentiful food spreads, and piles of presents inherent in the holiday season, open space is at a premium. Usually, every new decoration that you buy means that much less room you have to move around comfortably. Wall decals take up virtually no living space while still creating a tremendous visual impact.

They Add Sharp, Lively Color During Bleak Winter Months

For many of us, the holiday season can be one of the least colorful seasons outside. A white Christmas may seem fitting on that special day, but if you’re somewhere where the snow and ice hang on for months at a time, nature’s stark winter palette can get a little old after awhile. Even if you’re not somewhere that receives a lot of snow, it can sometimes feel like the sun hides for weeks on end in the winter. This muted seasonal landscape situation is part of the reason that people have always associated warmth and color with the more enjoyable aspects of the holiday season. A new printed vinyl wall decal can go a long way toward infusing some color into a room badly in need. Perhaps you’ve got a blank wall that seems open and airy in the warmer months but just a little too barren in the winter. Maybe you have wall space that’s taken up by a piece or a picture that’s just not as fitting for the holidays. Either way, a wall decal is a fantastic alternative for brightening the spirit of a room.

They’re a Comfortable Element of the Room

We’ve all been to a private home or business and seen those holiday decorations that just seem terribly out of place. They’re situated in an awkward way that makes it immediately apparent that they don’t really belong there. Instead of feeling comfortable and welcoming, they remind you that they’ve probably not seen the light of day for nearly a year and that they’ve probably been haphazardly dragged out and tossed into position rather mindlessly. Because wall decals literally cling to the walls that frame your interior space, they naturally become a more natural part of the holiday atmosphere. There’s a feeling of permanence that comes along with wall decorations, even if we recognize that those decorations are only seasonal in nature. One of the secrets of interior decoration is the addition of impact without detracting from the space through distraction.

They’re Attention Grabbers

If you’re looking to do a little more than add just a touch of background seasonal flavor to your space, you can have your wall decal designed with an entirely different intention. Commercial wall decals can be crafted to deliver a message about a seasonal sale or to direct customers to a particular area or display in a retail space. The can add a welcoming touch to what might otherwise be a cold commercial area, and they can let your customers know that you’re wishing them well during this special season.
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They’re Easy to Remove and Store When the Holidays are Over

Despite their permanent appearance, holiday wall decals are pleasantly easy to remove once the season has passed, the guests have left, and life begins to return to the normal grind. Their simple application, trouble-free removal, and impression of permanence allow wall decals a unique combination of qualities difficult to find in other holiday trappings. Some wall decals are even made to be reusable. Their thin, flexible nature means that they can easily be rolled or lightly folded and tucked away into the most minimal areas for storage until next year. While the rest of your holiday decorations are busy clogging your storage space for the majority of the year, wall decals sit quietly out of the way until your ready to unveil them again.



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