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Commercial Vehicle Vinyl Wraps

Commercial Vehicle Wraps, turn your company vehicle into a four-wheeled mobile billboard to advertise your product or service with our “Commercial Vehicle wrap packages” at Twiisted Media.

A wrap isn’t just a wrap! Besides offering a durable covering on your vehicle surface, it also helps attract potential customers while on the road. This mobile marketing wrap lasts for up to 10 years and is easy to remove in the future with no residue leftover.

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Basic Logo Vinyl Wraps

Cut Decals / Color Printing

As a starter package to brand your vehicles, we offer a vinyl wrap of your company logo on the doors, front hood and contact information on the sides. This simple yet cost effective package can make a big impact in getting your brand noticed. Our graphic designers will work with you closely to ensure you are maximizing the exposure for your commercial wrap.

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Partial Vinyl Wraps

Partial Printed Graphics

You don’t need to fully wrap your vehicle to stand out. We can incorporate the base colors of your vehicle by including a gradient tone to seamlessly flow into your original paint colors as part of the designs. We can incorporate pictures of your product, a message or add a design pattern with a clever meaning to reach out to your potential clients. 


Full Vinyl Wraps

Full Coverage Printing

Turn your vehicle into a full mobile billboard! We can help you create stunning graphics to maximize the coverage of your vehicle and get noticed. Turn heads while driving. A full vehicle wrap allows you to brand your vehicle completely. Contact us today to see how our graphics designers can turn your vehicle into a marketing asset.


Take your Commercial vehicle wraps to the next level with our skilled design team. Whether it be for a personal vehicle to stand out or to advertise your company vehicle, we’ve done it all! We have templates for every make/model, and we will provide you with a digital mockup of your vision prior to production.


Not only are we experts in design, but we also have in-house print equipment to ensure fast results and maintain high quality. We use eco-friendly inks and we only use the absolute best certified car wrap materials. We take it a step further and laminate everything to ensure your Vinyl Wraps will last and not fade over time.


We are a one stop location when it comes to vehicle wraps. Our dedicated installation bay is deliberately set up to be a controlled environment to ensure your vehicle is in the best care. We overlook the entire process from start to finish and our dedicated installation team is the final step in making your vision a reality.

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Commercial Vehicle Wraps FAQs

Most frequently asked questions and answers

What is Commercial Vehicle Wraps?

A commercial vehicle wrap is basically a mobile billboard for your company. Did you know that the cost per impression of a vehicle wrap is the lowest among all forms of marketing. A commercial vehicle wrap can be partial or full. By wrapping your vehicle with an eye catching wrap, you’ll be able to bring attention to your company and your services.

What Industries Need Commercial Car Wraps?

There is no restriction as to what kind of companies will benefit from a vehicle wrap. If you’re selling services and you want to gain new customers, then a commercial vehicle wrap is perfect for you. If your business has a website and you’re already advertising on Google or Instagram, the additional of a vehicle wrap would definitely help drive sales. Since you’re on the road most of the time, why not make use of your vehicle. Some of the industries we’ve done a vehicle wrap for include food services, transportation, telecommunications, construction, education, and much more!

How much does it usually cost for commercial Vehicle Wraps?

The price ranges depending on if you’re looking for a partial wrap or full wrap. A logo package can start off around $400+. Partial wraps usually range from $1000-$1500 and full wraps are starting at $2500. We have packages for all vehicles and coverage requests.

Will my vehicle still look good if I’m only doing a partial Commercial Vehicle Wraps? 

In short, yes. Just because you’re not looking to fully cover your vehicles does not mean that the design will not be outstanding. We work with your budget in mind while creating designs that are attractive.

What Brand of wrap materials do you use?

We work with both 3M and Avery for our vehicle wraps. There are advantages to both materials and we readily keep stock of everything. Both brands are rated for an outdoor life of 6-8 years. For printed vinyl wraps, we always laminate the materials to seal in the color from fading.

Do you offer custom design for the Commercial Vehicle Wraps?

Yes, we do! Our skilled design team and graphic experts are here to provide you with free one-on-one design consultation before they start to work on your project to make sure that you get exactly what you want. Once you’re happy, we get to work!

What does the procedure look like for wrapping a commercial vehicle?

Usually for a vehicle wrap, our customers will come in for a consultation to discuss what they’re looking for with a vehicle wrap. Now due to COVID, to minimize close contact and prolonged conversations in person, we offer the same meetings via webcam as well.

Once we understand what you’re looking for, our designers get to work drafting up a visual mockup for you to see. Revisions are quite normal and we understand great designs take time to perfect.
Once the mockup is approved, we send the artwork to our production in preparation for your dropoff date.

What type of printer do you use for the Commercial Vehicle Wraps ? 

We use an HP Latex printer for the vinyl wraps. We find that the Latex inks dry immediately and work best with car wraps.

How do I take care my vehicle wrap once it’s completed?

For printed vehicle wraps, we usually add a lamination layer on top to protect it against color fading from UV lights. This same finish makes it easier to clean your vinyl. You would just wash it like a normal painted vehicle.

Once we understand what you’re looking for, our designers get to work drafting up a visual mockup for you to see. Revisions are quite normal and we understand great designs take time to perfect.
Once the mockup is approved, we send the artwork to our production in preparation for your dropoff date.

Can a wrapped vehicle go through a car wash?

We recommend your vehicle to be hand washed, but it’s possible to go through a car wash. Just keep in mind if something was to damage a painted vehicle, it will probably also damage your vinyl. However, the great part of having a vinyl wrap is that it’s almost like a protection layer on top of your paint. If one area of your vinyl gets damaged – you only need to replace that one section.


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