Ideas for Media Wall Design Variations

The image of the traditional media wall is familiar to us all. We see it regularly as the backdrop on the red carpet at celebrity events. At the Academy Awards, for instance, we might see the image of the Oscar Statue repeated with the year or the Academy logo also repeated in succession on the media wall behind the actors …

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car vinyl wrap

Top 6 Common Myths Related To Vinyl Car Wraps

Vinyl car wraps are so eye-catching and noticeable that we tend to forget that they’ve not been around very long and are one of the newest and most dynamic forms of advertising. Perhaps because of their newness, the general public’s lack of familiarity with them has led to the spread of some popular myths and assumptions about vinyl wraps and …

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Say it Again – The Power of Repetition in Print

Much like war, advertising can be broken down into two different goal oriented types. Tactical advertising has short term goals like bringing a customer in for a temporary sale, while strategic advertising seeks to imbed the idea of the brand or product in the potential customer’s mind for the long term. This idea of long term presence in the customer’s …

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The Most Effective Dimensions for Your Advertising Flyers

Everyone has a different method for approaching the design of their advertising flyers. Some design their logos and graphics first. Others start out by choosing their fonts and deciding on the arrangement of the elements to be featured. Still other folks create their content first, working out the wording of their pitches and their slogans in the ways they think …

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Vending machine wrap for Sakuntalas

The Subtle Psychology of Vending Machine Wraps

Impulse is not only an undeniably important element of marketing in the competitive world of retail, it’s also the surging internal force that drives us to both satisfy our needs and to indulge our desires. In fact, it was the notion of the “impulse purchase” that gave birth to the invention of the first vending machines to grace public and …

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Top Off the Season With a Custom Canopy

As we head into the last full month of summer, marching over the sun-baked ground through the dust that swirls in the wake of the long hot afternoons that lead to Memorial Day, we’re reminded that the pinnacle season for county fairs and family reunions, outdoor picnics and parties, end of season events and festivals is upon us. That season …

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Media Walls: Big Benefit, Low Cost

Two things land you in the mind of your clients and potential clients and keep you there: brand name recognition and image – A media wall gives your company or your event both. More importantly, a media wall is virtually “plug-and-play”. The sell –  The presentation, the distribution are all inherent to the wall itself. You have the one time …

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Color Intensity – Rxplaining The Intensity of Print Tones

Each day, there are millions of professionals, such as interior designers, painters, graphic designers,  and more,  working with Pantone to select, discuss, and approve colour in design.  There isn’t a perfect answer on what’s right or what’s appropriate, however, there are few critical guidelines to keep in mind. Color Intensity – explaining the intensity of print tones Share this Image …

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How Digital Printing Technology Is Taking Us Closer To Customizable Clothes

  • February 23, 2018

Have you ever come across Vincent Van Gogh painting printed on someone’s T-shirt? Or have you seen that one Star Wars quote; written in bold, cursive letters as the front page of a notebook? Or that poster of someone’s favorite Harry Potter character, standing with their wand in hand and audaciously staring back at you from a dainty piece of …

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Take Your Boat to the Next Level with Custom Vinyl Decals

Whether you are out on the ocean or traversing an inland lake, there are few activities that are as exciting as boating. Unfortunately, most boat hulls are dull and boring, often completely lacking any graphics at all, aside from the registration number and perhaps a name. Thankfully, there are some ways to make the exterior of the boat more appealing, …

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