holiday cards merry christmas

Send a Special Holiday Greeting with Custom Cards and Stationary

On either side of the mistletoe, the greeting cards received this year will line the threshold of your home’s most used doorways. They’ll stand vibrant and proud on your mantle and decorate the surface of your refrigerator, which will itself hold a wealth of holiday goodness. Holiday letters will lay opened on personal desks, offering up a warm recap of …

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Ideas for Media Wall Design Variations

The image of the traditional media wall is familiar to us all. We see it regularly as the backdrop on the red carpet at celebrity events. At the Academy Awards, for instance, we might see the image of the Oscar Statue repeated with the year or the Academy logo also repeated in succession on the media wall behind the actors …

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car vinyl wrap

Top 6 Common Myths Related To Vinyl Car Wraps

Vinyl car wraps are so eye-catching and noticeable that we tend to forget that they’ve not been around very long and are one of the newest and most dynamic forms of advertising. Perhaps because of their newness, the general public’s lack of familiarity with them has led to the spread of some popular myths and assumptions about vinyl wraps and …

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The Most Effective Dimensions for Your Advertising Flyers

Everyone has a different method for approaching the design of their advertising flyers. Some design their logos and graphics first. Others start out by choosing their fonts and deciding on the arrangement of the elements to be featured. Still other folks create their content first, working out the wording of their pitches and their slogans in the ways they think …

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Finish Strong with Gloss or Matte Printed Media

The word “finish” can seem pretty exciting when you’re struggling through a project or when you have a “To Do” list a kilometer long. It’s exciting in these instances because it signals a victorious end. There is another kind of “finish” involved in your project, though, and you should consider it long before you reach the final goal. The material …

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commercial graphic design

Dynamic Use of Colour in Commercial Graphic Design

With the digitalization of color palettes, the previous limitations of color representation have faded into the murky past and a brilliant new world has been opened up within the realm of graphic design. Computerized color matching makes it possible now not only for a company to select the exact color or set of colors with which they want their company …

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Top Off the Season With a Custom Canopy

As we head into the last full month of summer, marching over the sun-baked ground through the dust that swirls in the wake of the long hot afternoons that lead to Memorial Day, we’re reminded that the pinnacle season for county fairs and family reunions, outdoor picnics and parties, end of season events and festivals is upon us. That season …

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The Cost of Nonspecific Promotional Literature

It’s hard to deny that templates tend to make things easier. In fact, that’s their entire purpose. It’s tedious and unnecessarily time consuming to have to recreate the same elements of a group of things that share a common core over and over again. That’s also not the only reason that we do it, though. The templates that we create …

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