3 Reasons Why Car Wrapping Is A Better Marketing Tool

Ever saw those ads posted on buses, delivery vans and company car wrap? What do you think about it?

Car wrapping is an effective and more cost-efficient way of marketing business and has proven to be an effective marketing tool even for renowned luxury car brand, BMW. For car brands like such, the car model is usually enough marketing, but believe it or not, BMW invests in car wraps too.

BMW i3 Car Wrap

When BMW introduced its electric car models BMW i3 and BMW i8, it redesigned its showroom and storefront plus wrapped 3 of its vehicles to attract customers. Not to mention, after several inquiries about the event vehicles, the cars were also eventually sold to the market.

Here are 3 reasons why car wrap makes a better marketing tool:

1 – Cost-Efficient

Billboards, TV commercials and radio advertisements are all effective marketing tools but are needless to say, expensive. You pay huge rent for billboard space and air time for TV or radio advertisements and renew them all again, usually at a higher rate, once the contract ends.

Car wrapping on the other hand is both effective and cost-efficient.

It is an outdoor and mobile advertising in one. With car wraps, you draw attention of more people at a minimal cost than with a billboard situated in just one permanent location, plus extra cheaper – even when compared to simple print materials which you have to mass produce again once completely exhausted. Car wrap designs are also easy to change so you need not worry about your vehicle’s aesthetics – paint and body, getting damaged. It does not only advertising but also keeping your vehicles in good shape – dents, scratches, etc.

2 – Maximizes Use of Asset

Car wraps make good use of your car or truck investments. Instead of your business cars being used solely for transportation, you can now also use it as marketing means. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone every time your delivery truck leaves your business premises – to deliver your goods and do mobile advertising all at once.

It’s a very clever strategy as business cars usually go around places. Even with your cars idly park in your office or along the streets, it already does mobile advertising through the car wrap.

See for example Jack Demmer Automotive Group. With a car wrap like this, it has well-informed its potential customers of its office schedule and contact information: website and phone number. Truly maximizing the use of its business van. Need I remind that this is one-time expense?

Jack Demmer – CommercialVehicle Graphic Wrap

3 – Increases Consumer Reach

For billboards, consumer reach only goes beyond as where the billboard is actually situated. You cannot expect people who don’t travel in that location to see your ad. TV and radio advertisements also only cover the market who are tuned in to these media – not to mention you have to choose peak hour-airtime for you to get maximum attention.

Simple print materials like flyers and posters need to be well-distributed in strategic locations. With car wrapping, you can increase your consumer reach without going through so much hassle. Even with your business cars just parked along the road, or caught in traffic, your car-wrap message already reaches your potential clients. Indeed, no marketing tool does mobile advertising better than car wraps.

So if you’re up for some marketing savings, optimizing your business cars, or coveting for a marketing tool that has extensive market reach and really makes good sales opportunities, then choose car wrap advertising and witness it increase your branding recognition and make the best out of those traffic jams!