Mistakes that can Kill your Logo

Mistakes that can Kill your Logo

A logo is the bread and butter of a company.

It is often the very first thing a possible consumer or customer will see, the first portrayal of the company they’re going to lay eyes on. So given this fact, it is absolutely crucial for businesses and companies to create the best possible logo they can come up with. One that tells a person what said company is all about within the very first seconds of coming across it.

With the importance of logos nowadays, and with the added competitiveness of online market places and presence, here is a list of three major errors to avoid when designing a logo.

1: Over-Reliance On SFX Or Colour

When creating a logo, if you choose to place extra emphasis on special effects and coloring, chances are you’re going to end up with a big old hot mess.

Look at any memorable company logo and you’ll learn this for yourself. We don’t remember logos because of jazziness or unique colour, we remember them because of the sheer brilliance of the design alone. Simplicity breeds excellence, as far as logos are concerned.

One of the most recognized logos on this planet. The Coca-Cola logo is known not for crazy colours and SFX, but for its uniqueness and efficiency.

To avoid overusing SFX or colour, try designing your logo in black and white first, making it unique and effective without. Then make use of colour and other sorts of visual effects to add the finishing touches. This way the logo will be good because it is well designed, and not because it is spruced up with a mishmash of crazy colours and effects.

One of the most recognized logos on this planet. The Coca-Cola logo is known not for crazy colours and SFX, but for its uniqueness and efficiency.

One of the most recognized logos on this planet. The Coca-Cola logo is known not for crazy colours and SFX, but for its uniqueness and efficiency.

2: Manic Typography And Poor Font Choice

As mentioned before, simplicity breeds excellence.

When it comes to designing a customer-winning logo, adding all sorts of crazy fonts and typography is quite possibly one of the worst things you could ever do.

Try to refrain from using any more than two fonts, because anything above that is just overkill. It can end up looking like a jumbled mess and will be visually unappealing – the exact opposite of how a logo should look.

Something like this is just an absolute no-go. I mean, can anyone actually read what it’s supposed to say?!


So instead, shoot for simplicity.

Create your logo choosing the right font to fit the bill, with proper spacing and formatting, no over-complexity and with a nice smooth flow – to tell the possible customers all about the brand before they even have to read a single word about it.

3: Making Use Of Overly-Done Visuals

Clichés don’t just go as far as words and phrases; they very much extend into the visual aspects of design too. What I mean by this is imagery that relates to a word used in the company name.

A few examples would be a lightbulb for something insinuating innovative ideas, or perhaps a laptop for a tech company. Things like these are often the first things that pop into one’s head when brainstorming possible logo ideas, and thus will be overused to the absolute max.

One quick Google search will reveal a lot of logos with clichéd visuals such as this. Source: naldzgraphics.net

When creating a logo, uniqueness and efficiency is what matters most, so how can you create something unique and efficient when it has already been done a thousand times before? Take those cliché ideas and turn them into something more innovative.


Avoid At All Costs

Remember: simplicity breeds excellence.

Try your best to keep it simple, with a sleek and unique design that says it all about your company at the very first glance. This is your first impression, and first impressions in the business world matter even more than they do in the world outside of it.

Now get out there and use this list in order to create the breath-taking logo your company deserves.

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