Next Level Car Personalization: Custom Vinyl Auto Wraps

Next Level Car Personalization: Custom Vinyl Auto Wraps

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By now you’ve most likely seen cars, buses and other vehicles plastered with large format advertising.  Sitting in traffic they are often the only things of visual interest within your line of sight.  Pretty impactful, especially when you have a captive audience, right?

This marketing tool, known as an auto wrap, uses a printable vinyl that sticks safely to any surface on the car’s exterior.  If you own a business you may have even considered getting an auto wrap yourself.

While vinyl auto wraps are a great option for advertising they can also be used to personalize your ride.

Did you know that vehicle wraps come in a large variety of colours and textures?   They are so cheap and easy to remove that you could change your car’s colour seasonally just for fun!  Mirrored, colour changing, leather, matte or glossy  – there are colour and texture combinations for all kinds of tastes!

Be Truly Unique

In addition to a rainbow of colours to choose from, some low auto enthusiasts have used the vinyl’s printability to create custom decorations without the expense, risk or permanence of a full paint job.  Have a burning need to support your favorite team’s colors?  Ever wanted your car to look like a dragon? Or maybe you have something truly unique in mind? Trained designers can make any design come to life.

We have seen some truly imaginative auto wrap designs out there: everything from tribal tattoo designs, a star field with constellations, animal prints, racing stripes, and Hello Kitty to steampunk, classic WWII bomber designs (think shark jaws and pinup girls) and in one particularly interesting case, asparagus.

What You Need To Know First

There are a few things you should know before making an appointment to have your vehicle wrapped:

  1. Installation and removal are easy but should always be done by a professional
  2. Car wraps will not mask any imperfections like scratches, rust, dings or scrapes
  3. Getting a car wrap will not void your vehicle warranty or negatively impact your car insurance rate but in many cases will be included in the repair cost should your vehicle get damaged
  4. You can get your entire car wrapped or just specific parts such as the hood, doors, trunk or roof
  5. The vinyl will not damage your paint!  

Now Go Crazy!

Whether you’re looking to advertise your business or make your ride into a work of art, auto-wrapping is a great way to make a big impact for low cost and no risk to your original paint.  We can’t wait to see more amazing, personalized unique auto wrap styles out there!

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