What Makes a Good Logo

What Makes a Good Logo

What makes a good logo

What makes a good logo Credit: Twiisted Design and Print Media

Some businesses invest so much into gorgeous-looking workplace and state-of-the-art equipment. Some simply invest into getting the right logo. In time, there has been an evolution of logo designs of various businesses. Not because they just feel like it but because logos along with branding create the impression, more so, the identity of the business.

So what makes a good logo?

1. Rare Individuality

Creating a logo is not a simple copy-cat of the ideas of the famous players in the industry. It is creating an identity that is distinctive of all the other players in the market.

It is important to create a unique logo that will make you stand out. As the words of Anna Wintour, longtime Vogue editor-in-chief and one of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women (Forbes 2016), says, “Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”


Apple Logo

Image Source: Apple Inc.

Apple’s logo would have been ordinary if it was a perfectly whole fruit. But because Apple’s logo had a bite taken out of it, it made the logo come out as exceptional.


2. Lasting Impression

A stand-out logo is one thing; making sure it has a lasting impression is a different story.

Somehow McDonald’s was able to capture the art of making a logo that when you see a yellow “M from afar, you know it’s no other than the famous fast food chain, McDonald’s.

Design a logo that will make a lasting impression – something that is easy and notable to remember.

Mcdonald logo

Image Source: Mcdonald

3. Perfect Fit

Designing a logo is not just a simple splash of colors or a simple click of the mouse using Paint or Photoshop. It involves a sort of science associated with colors, patterns and texts that communicate a different message depending on the mix.

Toysrus logo

Image Source: Toysrus

A logo should be able to convey the company’s overall message and not just come out as simply unique without fulfilling the logo’s mission to be recognized by the market. A brand for kids with a colorful logo like ToysRUs is a perfect fit.

So a good logo doesn’t only need to be unique – it also has to create a lasting impact to the consumers plus communicate the message you want to impart.

One of the brands that has perfected its logo design is Coca-Cola. It has been redesigned its logo several times, without veering away from its original script logo. Thus, appearing to be timeless and creating a lasting impact in the minds of the market.

Image Source: U Printing Blog

So create a concept for your logo that is unique, impressive and fit for your market. But putting all these together and accordingly executing these ideas is still not an easy task. A good team of graphic designers to create the logo for you will do the trick. These people will cater your branding and marketing needs especially with the creation of a logo.


Remember, a logo marks the unique identity of a business. Invest in that.

“The logo is an identifier but it’s also something that stands-in for who you are.” – Steven Heller


what makes a good logoCredit: Twiisted Design and Print Media

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