Lamborghini Aventador Tattoo Project

Lamborghini Aventador Tattoo Project

Luxury and Supercar weekend is Canada’s finest luxury event showcasing the cof automotive, fashion, art, food, wine and spirits.

Twiisted Media was happy to attend and show off our design capabilities on a special joint project with MM Design

We started off by choosing a limited edition Lamborghini Aventador LP700 with a full carbon fiber DMC body kit. Our talented team at Twiisted Media wanted to design a tattoo artwork over the body lines to accentuate the lines of the vehicle.

If you look carefully inside the graphic artwork, you’ll notice we’ve featured hidden logos from Luxury and Supercar Weekend, IPE Exhaust, DMC, Fanny Bay, Lamborghini Vancouver, Vancity Exotics, Twiisted Media, MM Design, VSCC, and Vancouver Water Enterprise.

Graphic Design/Printing: Twiisted Media
Car Wrap: MM Design
Car Tuning: SR Auto Group
Exhaust: IPE Exhaust
Wheels: Pur Wheels
Body Kit: DMC Tuning





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