10 Ways You Can Use Digital Printing to Customize Your House

Digital printing is increasingly being utilized by the businesses in the designing industry because of its cost-effective and ergonomic nature. After the initial costs have been covered, digital printing offers an effective means of achieving mass-produced and easily-customizable products at an economically favorable rate.

Perhaps the thing that matters that most with digital printing services are the added feature of customisability that has been previously absent, and which majorly influences the contemporary market. Now more than ever, people are accessing services that allow them to personalize what they wear, what they own, and what they buy.

Today’s fast-paced world leaves a person little room to breathe and they are left continuously searching for an identity. People no longer seek validation in conformity but want something that they can interact and identify with something that speaks to not just them, but to the rest of the world for them.

Some of these demands are met by the contemporary technology of digital printers, which are distinct from their predeceasing offset printers in their ability to easily tweak designs without a lot of hassle. Offset printers have a ready-made plate that is used as a stencil while digital printers utilize computer-based graphics and commands to spray ink on certain areas of a fabric; the latter is very obviously more superior in this regard.  

Why should you be customizing your house?

No place in the world represents your identity better than where you live and what you own. There is a reason every room in the house looks different, has a distinctive color theme and a particular set of furniture for their utilities. You are highly likely to find dashes of pink all over a room that belongs to a girl than one where a boy lives in. Similarly, a child who loves basketball will be more likely to hang a basket on the back of his door than a Star Wars poster while a studious child will be more likely to have a small library of books, and a sitting space to read them in.

The point is, the place you occupy is filled with the things you own, all of which say something or the other about the person that you are and the things that you like. Creating a space of things that are you is not just a means to establish identity to others, but also a form of cultivating peace within yourself.

There is a reason you do not feel ‘at home’ in someone else’s house or in a public space; it has not been catered to your liking. If you surround yourself with the things that refresh and rejuvenate you, you feel more in touch with yourself as well as the world.

Keeping all of that in mind, we think customizing your house is extremely crucial and there are many ways to do it – the majority of them involving the simple and pocket-friendly task of getting fabric digitally printed.

Customizing Your House

If it has fabric, plastic or paper on it, chances are you can probably customize it by digital printing –and there are plenty of places like that around the house. From your cushion covers, bedsheets, couch wrappings, to photo frames, curtains, wallpapers, and cabinets –the possibilities are limitless. We have discussed some of them below.

1. Customiszable Bed Sheets

The bedroom is the centerpiece of the house, and the centerpiece of the bedroom is the bed, which is all about what you put on it. The first thing people notice when they enter a bedroom is the bed for obvious reasons; it is probably taking up a lot of space and it is aesthetically loud.

Picking good bedsheet matters and it can change the entire appearance of the room. Often people rely solely on switching bedsheets to change the look of their room, painting the walls a simple white and keeping the minimalist furniture. A change of bedsheets is all they need to prepare their house for a formal occasion or a lazy night in.

Customizing bedsheets to your taste is one of the many ways you can make a statement. If geometric patterns calm you down, or floral patterns make you feel closer to nature or you simply want your kid’s favorite character on their bed –simply get it customized to your taste. You will not have to search for months for the perfect pattern in your choice of color anymore all thanks to digital printing.    


2. Customizable Upholstery

Whether we are talking about the living room, dining room, outdoors or the drawing room; couches are pretty important for many reasons. A formal gathering of your co-workers, an informal festive dinner with your family or a night in with your partner –it doesn’t matter which; people are going to be crashing it into the sofa.  

They are not only the most used furniture around the entire house for all sorts of occasions, but they also are the anchor of every other piece of furniture surrounding it. People decorate their room keeping in mind the print, patterns, and colors of the couches that are often placed in the center; everything else comes afterward.

So why not customize the upholstery and make it feel more like your own, right? A sitting space where you feel more like yourself is the dream and digital printing can help it come true.

3. Customizable Cabinets

Cabinets are more than just a storage space, they take up a lot of room in just about every corner of the house. In the bathroom, they shield your private products, in the bedroom or dressing space, they hold practically everything you own and wear. Perhaps their need is most felt in the kitchen, where they store all your crockery, big and small, the jars of spices and boxes of cereal. They are singlehandedly holding your products together, stacking them away in a closed space.

Owing to the fact that they perform such an important function, it also becomes crucial to have an aesthetically pleasing element to them as well.

You can digitally print on vinyl and cardboards too so this is an option to consider.

Example of cabinet sticky paper for kitchen cabinets. source :roigolds.com

4. Customizable Throw Pillows

It may not seem like it, but pillows play a huge role in making the appearance of a room. The entire room could be plain and monochromatic and pop-up by using just the right color and theme of pillows; so don’t be fooled by their size.

You will also notice that they are in just about every room that you spend the most time in, adding that extra layer of comfort to your sitting and sleeping space. There are many varieties out there, but on the chance that you cannot find some good ones in the market to go along with your room, customizing the fabric of your pillow covers is always an option to consider.

5. Customizable Wallpaper

People are increasingly using wallpapers in preference to paints because of how convenient, cost-effective and diverse they are. There is lesser damage to the walls and the designs, colors, and patterns are countless. Most of all, however, is that you can change them whenever you get tired or bored of looking at the same patterns. Add to it the option of digitally-printed customisability and you have a win-win. So think about it.

A traditional foyer with an antique wallpaper design. Source: Forbes

6. Customizable Drapery and Curtains

Drapery has more than just a decorative function. It provides privacy, temperature control, light adjustment, and even sound blockage. Curtains are often placed as a background to center-piece furnitures, like the area behind the couch in the living room, the entrances of the house, and most of all overlooking the windows.

Whoever walks by your house is most likely to see the curtains if not anything else. So it becomes essential to decorate curtains to your liking –consider customizing the curtain fabric through digital prints. Wouldn’t it be great to customize your curtains so that they match your living space, or even have them printed to match your space?

Source : ezyshine.com

7. Customizable Photos and Paintings

Why buy expensive paintings when you can get them digitally printed on fabric at a cheaper cost for the exact look? All you have to do is google your favorite painting or image, or a digital picture of high resolution, and have it digitally printed onto either paper or fabric of your choice.

You can easily get anything frame and hang it up wherever you like.


8. Customizable Towels

Add a dash of personality to the arguably the most relaxing place of the house –your bathroom. It is where you unwind after a hectic day after all. Wipe away all your troubles with some digitally printed towel designs to your liking.

9. Customizable Kitchenware –Water Bottles, Mugs, Jars, Containers

Kitchenware plays a very nostalgic role in the house- often it is passed down generation after generations. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the right tableware is the heart of the kitchen. Digital printing lets you add more character to it by customizing it to your taste.

source: personalcreations.com

10. Customizable Napkins

Table etiquettes are important, but all the white table napkins everywhere must get a little boring. Wipe your mouth, catch some bread crumbs and hold some coughs and sneezes with digitally printed table napkins. Plus, they will do so well your digitally printed tableware.