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What is vehicle wrapping?IMG_6747

The process of car wrapping is covering a car with pliable and thin vinyl. Car wrapping can be used as advertising on a car or a branding exercise utilizing the space.

Key benefits of a car vinyl wrap

  • Change the color and have a new look
  • Change the color whenever you want
  • A respray is more expensive
  • Protects the paintwork
  • The vehicle can be sold with the original color
  • There are countless wrap color choices
  • Easily changed for your business needs
  • Stand out from the crowd

Types of car wrap

A color change car wrap is a process of covering a car in vinyl to purely change the color only. Colored vinyl is applied to a car as opposed to vinyl that is digitally printed. There are many textures and colors to choose from.

Partial wrap

A partial wrap also known as a half wrap, covers a vehicle certain panels in vinyl. An example would be to advertise a business on the side panel and the rear door of a business vehicle.

Full wrap

A full wrap would cover the whole of a vehicle excluding the windows.


How is the vinyl applied?

The vinyl comes on a roll and has an adhesive backing which peels off, just like a sticker. Once the vinyl is applied, it provides a smooth finish.

How long does a vinyl wrap last for?

A vinyl wrap is rated from the manufacturer to last approximately five to seven years outdoor life. The best part is that the vinyl is removable!

Is a vinyl wrap easy to remove?

The vinyl wrap is designed to withstand various weather conditions, but it will not damage the paintwork once it has been removed. It’s best to consult a professional when removing the vinyl wrap.

Will a vinyl car wrap cover, chips, rust and scuffs?

A vinyl wrap will not hide any imperfections of the paintwork, so any chips, rust and scuffs will show though the vinyl wrap.

A vinyl wrap vs. painting?

A vinyl wrap for a vehicle is a short term solution to change the color of a car. Painting is a permanent solution to a color change. For example you could change the color of your car every year or change the graphics for a business.

Can individual parts of a vehicle have a vinyl wrap?

Everything including lights and windows can have a vinyl wrap, bonnets, hoods, roof and doors are our most popular choices. Other car parts like wing mirrors, knobs, trims, handles, mud guards and grills can have a vinyl wrap.

Will an insurance premium be affected?

Wrapping a vehicle does not void your warranty or affect your insurance. In many cases, since the vinyl wrap is viewed as a permanent fixture, the insurance company will cover the cost of fixing the car and vinyl wrap.

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