Pride Parade 2014

The annual Vancouver Pride Parade is distinguished as the most successful LGBTQ event in the world. It continues to be the biggest festival to paint Vancouver in a rainbow hue, attracting over 650,000 participants last year. Twiisted Media was proud to partner off with BMW to kick off the 2014 celebration with all the flamboyancy it deserved. The concept was simple – to dress up the BMW 4 series leading the parade. The real challenge lied in our promise to glamourize the vehicles while still preserving BMW’s quintessential elements. We splashed the iconic rainbow symbol in a sleek pattern to accentuate the natural curvatures of the 4 series, and kept the classic white to maintain BMW’s message. The striking contrast of the multicolored crescents against the clean backdrop was spectacular, and the Grand Marshalls heading the parade drove these cars proudly. Driven by the tremendous success of the last year’s positive feedback, Twiisted Media is once again working with BMW to launch the 2015 Vancouver Pride Parade.