With two models on hand, BMW was ready to challenge the electric car market with its city-friendly BMW i3 and lustrous BMW i8. But just how exactly could a gasoline-engine car expert convince the public of their new electrical mastery? Surely, BMW’s most innovative car line deserved an equally innovative campaign. With this in mind, Twiisted Media set out to deliver an avant-garde solution that still held true the BMW’s core values.




Inspired by BMW’s inventive engineering, we incorporated elements from the signature carbon fibre honeycomb geometry to create an eye-catching storefront design that held more than just aesthetics – it reflected the very foundation of their new cars. We transformed their showroom and added an interactive touch to entice and reward passers-by for coming in and learning about the new cars. For the centrepieces themselves, we wrapped and accentuated 3 event vehicles, for both show and business use. Simply put, we made things electrifying.






The BMW Store immediately saw an increase in foot traffic. Following a number of inquiries regarding the event vehicles, they were eventually sold to private hands. BMW’s i3 and i8 had made a dramatic entry into the market, and now increasingly dot the streets of Vancouver.